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2010 Nissan Maxima Top Speed 60-130

nissan maxima 2012 top speed 255 kmh تسارع نيسان مكسيما
nissan maxima 2012 top speed تسارع نيسان مكسيما

1st 7th gen Nissan Maxima 6 speed SWAP by NISFORMANCE VLOG 1
Slight teaser video of the 1st manual transmission swap done by Nisformance. This build is owned Dan Evans. Now that the CVT has been removed, the turbo should be more effective when it gets reinstalled. The car as it is makes significant power, that can be now tapped into with this swap. This has the potential to be the new platform that Maxima enthusiasts can upgrade to. And has the potential to be a 370z killer. I have sat in what was reminiscent as the traditional 4DSC of the early 90's. Music by: JUNI Fast Car - Jonas Blue (JUNI CLUB EDIT)

Bmw 530i 3,0 vs Nissan Maxima 3,5