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HISPEED - Emblem Of Speed (Suzuki Belang R 150 Exhaust)

Hi-Speed Exhaust for Belang R 150 sound sample www.speedrider.org


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ahm ekzos belang 150
ahm ekzos

Raider R150 2012 Namban Pipe V3
New seat cover, Namban Pipe V3, Option 1 Rearset, HID 8000k...

Suzuki Belang R150 Top Speed + Cheetah Power Part 1
join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/cheetahpowermotorsport/ Suzuki Belang R150 + Cheetah Power Programmable CDI+ Carburetor FXR Mikuni 29mm + CJ Ipoh Exhaust Muffler. Other Modification -- None Top Speed: 160km/h @ 12.5k RPM

Suzuki Belang R150 (Malaysia)

belang150 vs kriss150-bazoka penaka
haha..hari ni aku test dgn belang150. main ligan2 dari tol sg.2 sampai pmtg pauh. test moto punya condition...sama2 fight. jokey belang nazrie haicom, kriss pulak aku la mat duan

Tailgunner Exhaust
Tailgunner on Nightrain

GPS: Raffy tapout Satria 150 VERSUS Harold Belang FU 150 raider suzuki
Battle of the suzuki raider belang satria fu150 GPS top speed! Ryan Raider = white tapout replica Arnold Raider = red with gold rims

Yamaha Crypton X vs Suzuki Belang
another friendly gauge of jerson raider belang 150r (also known as raider 150) and my yamaha crypton x 150 (also known as jupiter mx , exciter , sniper, spark, 135LC, Yamaha T135) :D

Suzuki Raider 150 TOPSPEED all stock
top speed 134 kph 500meters- (estimated) Suzuki raider 150 2013 model limited edition blackgold mode:off 16k+ mileage 100% stock factory settings stock pipe stock carb stock cdi stock sprocket stock tires stock chassi like comment subscribe! visit us on facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pa... twitter - https://twitter.com/motophil1 google - https://plus.google.com/u/0... tags tmx155vstmx155,Drag Race Honda CBR 150 vs Suzuki RAIDER Belang SATRIA FU 150,Raider 150 vs DT 125,Yamaha Serow 225 vs Suzuki Raider 150 drag racing,Raider 150cc VS Sniper 135cc classic VS Sniper MX 135cc Friendly Gauge Drag Racing,Drag race Honda Wave vs Suzuki Raider FU150 Belang,Suzuki Raider 150 Vs Kawasaki Barako 175,Raider 150 vs Wave 125 Super Modified,raider 150 vs sniper mx 135TNR 26 Pantukan Ride CBR 150 Raider 150,Raider 150 vs TMX 155 CBR 150 vs Raider 150,Suzuki Raider Belang FU 150,tmx 155,honda, 155,tmx,kawasaki brutus,brutus140,kawasaki,rxt1­­­­­35,rxz135,rxking135,135,ya­m­a­h ­a­,kr 150,kawasaki kr150,yamahars100,rs100,kawasa­­­­­ki hd3,yamaha mio,mio,amore,mioamore,mio1,mi­­­­­o2,miosoul,mio3,mio vsmio,miovsraider like comment subscribe!

RAIDER 150.. AHM PIPE. mp4

suzuki belang R 150 aku
Malaysia version of Raider 150 and Satria 150 and it's call Belang R 150.

CBR 150R FI with HiSpeed Pipe without Silencer
Hi Speed Pipe without silencer bouncing off limiter courtesy of my dear wife...

Suzuki Raider Turbo 150 EFI / Suzuki Belang FU150
This is a 150cc suzuki raider belang Electronic Fuel Injection EFI with Programmable ECU and turbo installed. Video footage courtesy of kim redbull

Racing Jupiter MX Sniper vs Raider Satria Belang 150 Fatty vs Slimmy
What are the 3 secrets in the video to have a fastbike ? :-) A friendly gauge of Yamaha LC135 vs Suzuki Belang 150 aka fatty tire vs slimmy tire :D

2008 Raider R150 with Yoshimura ST-1 Camshaft and Exhaust System
My 2008 model R150 with ST-1 Yoshimura Camshaft and Exhaust System.

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