2004 SRT-4 35R, Crane 18's, idle walk around

This is a walk around vid of my SRT-4. Fully built motor, 35R turbo, Crane 18's, 8.8 Wiseco pistons, full fuel system with dual pumps, Made 454hp on 93 octane and 20psi. Blew up on Dyno due to crank pully ripping apart. Back together. New Dyno number and vid to come. Built by JMBPerformance.com

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Fully built by SRT Tuning Srt4 Cammed Crane cams 18's
Ruff idle of the Crane 18's cams on a fully built Srt4 by SRT Tuning in Ch√Ętauguay QC... 548WHP @ 32PSI Street tune on 91+ meth Zeta 3.0

Why your Neon/SRT4 with big camshafts needs Rhodes lifters.
Improve your Neon/SRT4's idle quality, waste less gas at idle, and drastically improve your cars startup with Rhodes Lifters. These are only available for the Dohc 2.0/2.4 and are really only for use with Crower 4+ camshafts, Crane 18+ camshafts.

11 second SRT4 stomps Corvette Z06
SRT-4: Stock Motor, 50trim turbo, AEM ems, dump Exhaust, slicks..... zo6 Corvette: Headers, Exhaust, drag radials, tune

Turbo Scion TC vs Dodge Neon SRT-4
2003 Dodge Neon SRT-4 vs 2007 turbo Scion TC