Servicing Quick Connect / Quick Disconnect Pull Type Clutches

This video, presented by Gary Croyle, shows how to service quick connect / quick disconnect pull type clutches. The focus of the video is an Isuzu vehicle but the techniques can be applied to Huyndai, Isuzu, Mazda applications and Honda Passports with this pull type clutch release bearing. For instruction bulletins and additional videos by our part number go to

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Front Wheel Drive car clutch replacement.
It gives a quite good idea of the job i think. : ) If you have a hydraulic set up ,flush it at the same time !

CLUTCH TECH: Clutch Fork Installation for TB32009 & TB32025 Bearings
Today Stewart illustrates the correct installation of Clutch Forks to suit TB32009 & TB32025 bearings. These are often found in vehicles such as the 1999-2012 Holden Colorado, Holden Rodeo and Isuzu D-Max

General Motors RWD Clutch Fork and Release Bearing Installation Part 2 The Solution
Introducing Perfection's patented design to eliminate the chance to incorrectly install the fork and bearing. Application applies to RWD GM vehicles 1995 and older. Patent 9,261,147 issued Feb. 16, 2016. For instruction bulletins and additional videos by our part number go to

ZF Services Self Adjusting Clutch Fitting Procedure
AUTOiNFORM is a FREE bi-monthly, online publication that offers the automotive aftermarket a fresh, exciting new platform using high quality video and interactive page layouts. This clip demonstrates the use of the correct tools for fitting self adjusting type clutches.