How to purchase a used Honda Prelude. Things to check (5th gen)

As a prelude enthusiast, just made a quick video of what to check for when purchasing a 5th generation preludes. (97-01) Any question, leave me a comment I know all about these cars!

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2000 Prelude getting into VTEC
Me and my buddy on his bike just messing around.

$50 Honda Project Episode 1.2
Here's an update on our $50 Honda project. The engine has been swapped and the car has been painted already. There are some wiring issues keeping the car from starting, but it does crank. And the clear coat didn't come out too evenly so we're sanding and buffing the whole car. Music By. Enjoy 'Walk', a Happy Classic Boom Bap Hip Hop Instrumentals Rap Beat BEAT DOWNLOAD LINK : ---------------------------------------------- Snapchat : yukiakachuki Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :

Japanese Cars You Need to Buy Now! |Top 10 Jdm Cars
THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD SMASH LIKE BUTTON!!! Thanks Best Japanese Imports First starting off there are too many JDM cars to get an exact top ten. There are many more great cars such as Mugen/Type R Civic's, dc2 Integra's and classic Nissan's and Toyota's.This is strictly my opinion . There are so many make and models that can vary from person to person depending on if you want to build a Stanced/Slammed car, drift car or drag car. What do you Think should be in the top ten? 10:Toyota Ae86 9:Nissan 240sx 8:Honda s2000 7:Nissan Z Line 6:Subaru Sti 5:Mitsubishi Evo 4:Mazda rx7 3:Toyota Supra 2:Honda/Acura NSX 1:Nissan Skyline Support the Artist: SONG1: Rules:I'mpatient (yahtzel remix) SONG2:Tourist-Your Girl DONT FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL CHANNELS THEY WILL BE INCLUDED ON THE VIDEO CLIPS

Honda Prelude 2.2 VTI-S (BB6) VTEC Build Process
Project 1999 Honda Prelude BB6 VTI-S/R ATTS Build Process. European Prelude Type S with ATTS. Refresh and Tuning. ホンダプレリュードBB6タイプS проект 1999 Honda Prelude тип BB6 VTI-S/R с системой ATTS. восстановление Кусова и тюнинг. Европейская Type S Prelude 2.2 VTEC с системой ATTS. обновление, восстановление Кусова и тюнинг.