Formula Gulf 1000 single-seater championship

Young drivers in the Middle East who dream of becoming the next Lewis Hamilton now have the opportunity to get themselves on the long road to F1 with the introduction of the Formula Gulf 1000 Championship. The Formula Gulf 1000 Championship will see a full grid of up to 20 local drivers aged between 15 and 25 racing head-to-head in identical single-seat wings and slicks race cars. The cars are purpose built for the FG1000 series and feature 150bhp 1000cc Suzuki engines and a 400kg weight.

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Ralph Firman's F1000
Information: Bullet Motorsport Inc is proud to present the F1000 by Ralph Firman! Location: HP-Tech Motorsport If you are interested in [HD] Booking Information please contact us: or Please note: We prefer 1080p [HD] for all of our videos!

Formula 1000 Race Car Build Update 8
Building the Ludemann Engineering Formula 1000 race car. This update includes adapting the GSX-R1000 oil lines to use AN10 braided stainless steel fittings & hose, the cooling system including hoses and the reservoir / filler neck, the shift linkage, a walkaround operating the shift linkage and steering, fabricating and mounting the fuel swirl pot and modifying the OEM GSX-R1000 fuel pump to fit inside, the first power-up of the wiring harness using the OEM GSX-R1000 instrument panel, mounting and wiring the dashboard switches, drilling the firewall for fuel lines, building the custom braided stainless steel Aeroquip fuel lines, fabricating and installing the throttle linkage and brackets, building the ECU mounting tray, and machining the 7075 aluminum rear sprocket to adapt it to the Honda Civic limited-slip differential.

Formula 1000 Race Car Build Update 5
Now performing final assembly on my prototype formula 1000 race car. Already installed: differential, diff extensions, front & rear suspension rocker arms, engine, chain tensioner, steering column, brake & clutch master cylinder reservoirs, floor, pedal cluster, front springs and dampers, steering rack, fire extinguisher, fuel pump, and shoulder harness mounts.

[RMUTL] Formula student Acceleration Time 1000%,Start Engine & Tuning
Rmutl Formula student Acceleration Time 1000%,Start Engine & Tuning