Rok Industry 2010 SEMA Chevrolet Silverado Prerunner

2010 Chevrolet Silverado Supercharged Prerunner

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Red Devil Silverado pre runner
After first week with my truck I noticed that it is mthe car that I should have had long time ago.... The shocks still needs to be tuned. Current shock setup Front shocks 150psi set at full firm state Rear shocks all by pass are wide open Noticed that the the front shocks needs to be 200psi as it felt very soft My driving mode was at manual gear shifting 4L for quick rpm rise. Max speed was at around 62mph. Also noticed that my oil gear temperature reaches to 111 in temperature Hopefully by next week I should have my oil gear cooler on which should take care of that Also planning to do a nose raise which also give me extra ground clearance