Shelby Charger Holset first time at track

Running street tires, 110 mph, but still stuck in the 13's. Must have slicks :P

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Shelby Charger with 4" exhaust completed.
Holset HX35.

Rob McLellan Shelby Charger
On October 3,2010 with a 30km headwind at Gimli Dragway, Rob McLellan ran a 10.89 at 135 miles per hour in his Dodge Shelby Charger. Update Oct. 2011: This Shelby Charger has now gone 10.28 @ 138.94mph (1.56 60 foot) (Fastest 8-valve 5 speed 4 cyl turbo Dodge on the planet) Update Oct. 2011: This Car has now gone 10.04 @ 143.28 mph see video

Shelby Charger Holset burnout

Dodge Omni SRT4 Swap/A413 Auto
86 Dodge Omni with a Neon SRT4 swap using a A413 3sp Auto Tranny, Big turbo HE351 Holset