Peter Grmusa reckons that Powerhouse Engines are the reason why he's had such a good year on the burnout pad. The engine has been ultra-reliable and trouble free which frees Peter up to concentrate on driving. And drive it he did. Peter smoked out a quality field of entrants to take the Liqui Moly National Burnout Masters Trophy for 2013 and take home the $15,000 cheque. With the rest of his wins this year he's up around the $40K mark in terms of winnings. Well done Peter.

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EVILXA - Burnout Masters Final Summernats 25
As soon as we saw Peter Grmusa fire straight down the entry to the pad at high speed we knew this was either going to be a winning whip into the pad or a crash - it was nearly both. But getting stuck in the corner destroyed any chances of a win and so he really cut loose after that and ended up damaging one of the rear quarters. Peter finished 10th in the finals.

EVILXA Fires Up For Second Place at Springnats
With a new paint and vinyl scheme you'd think the last thing Pete Grmusa wants is a fire but amazingly the body and paint faired remarkably well after this little flameshow at Springnats 2012.

BLWNLUX - World's Toughest Hilux
Forget the Top Gear Hilux. This has to be the toughest Toyota Hilux in the world. Brett Battersby has jacked up this '87 Hilux and filled the engine bay with 540 cubes of blown and injected big block Chev. Check out those flames!

EVILXA Last Burnout
Peter Grmusa has had a great run with EVILXA and he almost won at Lardner Park Motorfest with this skids until he couldn't drive from the pad. A piece of rubber had wrapt itself around the diff. Peter also cracked a head on this burnout and it ended up being the last outing for this car before he sold it to a guy in Western Australia.