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drive it! - This time, we're taking a ride on the road ... and in the water. But before we arrive in Rotterdam for a city tour on a swimming bus, we present the new Audi Q3, one of the latest contenders in the compact SUV market.We'll also take a summer ride on a special three-wheeler before putting the Mercedes SLK, BMW Z4 and Audi TT to the test. And we'll check in with competitors at the Porsche Carrera World Cup as they face off against the challenging "Nordschleife" track at the Nürburgring.

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The ultimate in sporty luxury. The new BMW 7 series -- A flagship makes a comeback. As much as necessary, As little as possible - the new Dacia Sandero. The compact car that's undercutting the competition. Test It: BMW's New Seven Series This BMW is packed to the sun-roof with new technology, modern electronics, and innovative design. The new 7 series will be in the showrooms early in 2009 featuring all-wheel drive, rear-wheel steering, and flex ray technology. It also has the latest in mobile communication, receive and transmit warnings about road conditions, and link directly to the internet. And the workshop can connect with the car for trouble-shooting. Drive-it gives you a preview. Hear It: Old-timers at the Nürburgring Automotive rarities roar by, taking visitors at the Nürburgring and Drive-It viewers back into motor sports history. From August 8th to August 10th, drive-It visited the 36th German Automobile Club (AvD) Old-timer Grand Prix on the North Circuit of the Nürburgring and picked up the action as 20 historic races were held. Test It! Dacia Sandero The Romanian subsidiary of Renault tripled new registriations of its cars in Germany last year. Now the company aims to top that with its new Sandero. Designed to win-out in head-to-head competition with VW's Golf and similar economy cars, the philosophy behind the Sendero is as much as is needed for as little as possible. And customers are buying into it even though you still have to roll down Sandero's windows, and split rear seats are an extra, and ESP is unavailable. Imagine It! Sun Diesel Whether you call it Sun Diesel, Bioliq or Sunfuel, the main issue is BTL or biomass to liquid or chemically-liquefied biomass diesel fuel. Still unavailable at the pump, Drive-It has already given the latest in fuel a try. Pure BTL burns more cleanly than diesel, with soot emissions that are 40 percent lower and nitrogen oxide emissions down 10 percent. And any diesel motor can burn the stuff, already. Drive-It went along for a ride in a VW Golf with a 1.9 liter diesel under the hood and Sunfuel in the tank to find out what the experience was like. Compare It! Crash Test Shows Safety Improvement During the past two decades, driver and car passenger safety has improved markedly. Drive-It joins the German Automobile Association, the ADAC, in taking a look back to how things were 20 years ago. In this part of the show, the past collides with the future literally, and at 56 kilometers an hour. The images from a crash test between a modern vehicle and an older one show what's changed since then.Watch It!: The Corvette C1 Master carpenter Christian Freudenthaler is the proud owner of a Corvette C1. Chevrolet built the car of the stars 1953-1962. But this Stingray has something special under the hood and super suspension beneath its brilliant yellow body to keep the car close to the road. Drive-It takes a look at what's inside and whether all the extra effort to put it there was worth it.

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present it! The New Mercedes B Class After three years and 350,000 units sold, Mercedes has revamped its compact van, the B Class. Besides some minor changes to the exterior and interior, buyers of the Sports Tourer will be able to choose from several new engines. All have been optimized to improve full consumption and burn around seven percent less fuel. A natural gas-powered compact van is available for the first it! The BMW 135i Faces Off with the VW Golf R32 They are Germany's two racing compacts. The Golf R32 generates 250 horsepower, making it the most robust series Golf ever. Its rival, the BMWi coupé packs 306 ponies. It is the only compact with more horsepower than the Porsche Cayman. Both have not been designed with everyday driving in mind, but drive it! put them to the test to see if they're better suited to the Hockenheimring race track or typical it! Luxury Car Sharing At Germany's only luxury car sharing club, the Celerity Club in Berlin, the well-heeled can trade cars like kids trade football cards at the playground. Whoever can afford the annual dues of 10,000 euros, can drive away in a Hummer H1, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Lotus Super Seven or a Wiesmann GT. Real estate agent Hans Peter Koopmann has a premium membership which costs 30,000 euros per year. That gives him access to the luxury cars 100 days per year and includes unlimited mileage. The only thing he has to worry about is putting fuel in the tank.taste it! Putting the Renault Laguna Grand Tour to the test First came the sedan, now Renault has introduced a station wagon version of the Laguna, the Grand Tour. Its arrow shape gives the Grand Tour a sporty feel, and inside the 4.8 metre long Laguna there is plenty of room for five passengers. It also offers a lot of cargo space: from 508 to 1593 litres. Buyers can select from three gasoline-powered models, as well as four diesels with sticker prices between 23,950 and 34,000 euros. examine it! Bobby Cars for Big Boys Every year an unusual world championship is held in the west German village of Silberg. Thirty contestants take part in a two-kilometer long race in bobby cars. The competitors whiz through the village at speeds of up to seventy kilometers. Adapting the playthings to reach these speeds is an art in itself: steering, axles, and wheel bearings are all custom made from steel. It is certainly not child's play.

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Even sportier, even fancier! Audi presents an even better A3! present it!: the Lancia Delta Lancias have never been viewed as practical, reasonable cars - and the new Delta isn't either. The body doesn't pay attention to rules about classic lines. It's not easy to define exactly what it is that makes it different. It's rear end is unique, and the design is remarkable. Inside it offers a lot of room, and you can lower the rear seat if you need to -- or just slide it forward to provide a little extra space in back. drive it! took a closer look at the latest thing in Italian car design.test it!: the New Audi A3 Audi's compact class hit has been relaunched. Modifications to the hood, grille and bumpers give it a slightly sportier face, while the new headlights now have a set of LEDs that also glow during the daytime hours. Five of the eight available motors are delivered as six-gear models, while an automatic transmission can be ordered for any of the it!: Mercedes G-Class vs. Land Rover Defender Two off-roading legends spent some time in Brandenburg's sand recently. The Mercedes G-Class is celebrating its 30th birthday, but it's still a work in progress. In the most recent model, which was released this year, Mercedes added a lot to the basic package. The Land Rover is also celebrating it's 60th this year. And it still lives up to the greatest compliment you can pay a car like this is - it looks just as it did back in the day.taste it!: Renault Laguna GT with All-Wheel Drive Hot on the heels of the basic Laguna variant, Renault is now releasing its Laguna GT. One standard feature of the GT is the "Active Drive Chassis", which brings all four tires into the steering process. Renault claims this provides safer handling in curves, add precision to the steering process, and will be particularly helpful in those European cities where tight spaces and hairpin curves are often the rule. drive it! tested the "Active Drive" system under extreme driving conditions to see if the car - and this new technology - are all they're made out to be.examine it!: Harley Davidson on Sylt Not an angry face to be seen among the hundreds of happy Harley riders and thousands of summer tourists who attended the 11th Harley Davidson Meet on the island of Sylt. More than 700 Harleys took part in the event, which required ferry - or train-transportation onto the island for the bikes. It didn't take long for the bikers to 'take over' Westerland's Elisabeth Street shopping district and turn it into a temporary Harley Davidson exhibition. The result? A remarkably harmonious mix of sun-seeking tourists and leather-clad biker fans - making a whole lot of noise!

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