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The Motor Magazine - 10.08.2011 | drive it!

drive it! - This time, we're taking a ride on the road ... and in the water. But before we arrive in Rotterdam for a city tour on a swimming bus, we present the new Audi Q3, one of the latest contenders in the compact SUV market.We'll also take a summer ride on a special three-wheeler before putting the Mercedes SLK, BMW Z4 and Audi TT to the test. And we'll check in with competitors at the Porsche Carrera World Cup as they face off against the challenging "Nordschleife" track at the Nürburgring.


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The Motor Magazine - 14.09.2011 | drive it!
What's the most environmentally-friendly engine concept: a BlueEfficiency one or a fully-electric motor? drive it! takes a look at the automobiles of the future.

The Motor Magazine - 13.07.2011 | drive it!
Join drive it! and learn more about Citroën's look back at its glorious design past with the unveiling of cars reminiscent of the DS21. We check out the latest family member, the DS4. drive it! also takes a critical look at luxury sedans, comparing the Audi A6 with the BMW-5 and Mercedes E-Class.Then we step into the land of dreams as drive it! goes for a spin in a Lamborghini Countach. Come along as we take the world-famous veteran sports car for a ride that is neither quiet, slow nor economical.

The Motor Magazine - 29.06.2011 | drive it
The new M-Class is designed to show that Mercedes SUVs are no dinosaurs - but in fact luxurious fuel savers. The BMW M1 and Audi RS3 make no pretences of economy in their battle of the pocket rockets. And after beefing up on so much automotive testosterone, we take you for a relaxing trip down memory lane to a meeting of vintage vehicles by Lake Constance.

The Motor Magazine - 04.12.2009 | drive it
present it! The Opel AstraOpel is launching a newly developed generation of Astras. In comparison to its predecessor,the latest version is 17 centimeters longer,coming at 4.42 meters in length. It boasts improved handling and driving comfort. In Germany,the new Astra starts at 15,900 euros. compare it! The Volvo V50 vs. the Alfa Romeo 159 SWWhen Italian temperament is pitted against Swedish understatement youve got an interesting rivalry on your hands. Drive it! took an Alfa Romeo 159 station wagon and put it into the ring with a Volvo V50 to see just who would come out on top. The interiors of both contestants,at first,remain true to their brands. The Volvo does have a price advantage,weighing in at 23,690 euros in Germany as compared to the Alfa,which starts at 26,250 euros. But what of their charms? Their ride? Their suitability for daily use? Come find out on drive it! vintage! Company museums,part one: MercedesNo other place documents the history of Mercedes like the company's museum in Stuttgart. The carmaker invested around 150 million euros into the construction of the museum. After all,Mercedes founded the automobilesten. Behind the dynamic and exciting architecture,visitors can marvel at160 vehicles. The journey back in time begins with the founders of Mercedes,Gottfried Daimler and Carl Benz. With their motorized carriages of 1886 they laid the groundwork for the automobile of today.

BMW Z4 sdrive 35is
Patrick Simon testet ausführlich den BMW Z4 sdrive 35is.

Mercedes SLK 350 vs BMW Z4, Audi TTS & Nissan 370Z roadtest (English subtitled)
Autorijden is soms puur plezier. Zo koop je een dure roadster omdat je weet dat je iemand bent die met hart en ziel houdt van autorijden. Wij nemen de nieuwe SLK 350 mee op reis naar het lege wegen paradijs Nord-pas-de-Calais en als we dan toch bezig zijn, kijken we hoe hij zich verhoudt tot drie net zo speciale concurrenten: een Audi TTS Roadster, een Nissan 370Z Roadster en een BMW Z4 sDrive35is. Welke is het leukst?

Das Automagazin - 11.06.2010 | motor mobil
am start: Audi TT Facelift - Bereits zum zweiten Mal hat das Audi TT Coupé Sportcoupé jetzt ein Facelift erhalten.Nicht nur das Design der leichten, überwiegend aus Aluminium bestehenden Karosserie, auch das Interieur präsentiert sich in einer überarbeiteten Form. Neue Technologien senken den Verbrauch des kompakten Sportwagens. Neu im Programm ist ein starker und hocheffizienter Vierzylinder: 211 PS leistet der 2.0 TFSI und soll sich dabei mit 6,6 Liter Kraftstoff pro 100 km begnügen. in der praxis: Dacia Logan MCV (Kombi) - Im automobilen Alltag sind Multitalente gefragt. Einfach Kombi reicht vielen da nicht aus.Gerade für Familien mit Kindern ist oftmals eine dritte Sitzreihe interessant. Trotzdem soll ein Kombi natürlich auch robust sein und viel Ladung aufnehmen können. Genau mit diesen Anforderungen konfrontieren wir den Dacia Logan MCV. Vielversprechend bezüglich des Platzangebots sind der senkrechte Heckabschluss und die steilen Seitenwände, die ein maximales Gepäckraumvolumen von 2.350 Litern ermöglichen. Wie besteht der Dacia Kombi den motor mobil Alltagstest? im vergleich: Fiat Punto - Hyundai i20 - Im motor mobil Vergleichstest stehen sich ein Italiener und ein Koreaner gegenüber: der Fiat Punto Evo und der i20 von Hyundai. Den Hyundai durch und durch als Asiaten zu bezeichnen wäre allerdings falsch. Denn seinen Schliff erhielt der Kleine im Europäischen Designzentrum in Rüsselsheim in Deutschland.Beide Kandidaten im Test sind Diesel-Modelle. Beide besitzen fünf Türen. Der Punto Evo tritt in der Racing-Ausstattung mit 1,3 Liter-Motor und 95 PS an. Der Hyundai geht in der Comfort-Ausstattung an den Start, leistet aber mit seinem 1,4 Liter Motor auch 101 PS. Und er ist um 1.300 Euro billiger als der Fiat. am rande: Neues von der Reifenmesse Essen - Im Zuge weltweiter Klima-Diskussionen und CO2-Einsparpläne werden neben den Automobilherstellern jetzt auch die Reifenproduzenten immer mehr in die Pflicht genommen.Bei der Reifenmesse in Essen zeigen Aussteller aus 42 Ländern ihre neuesten Reifen-Modelle, die durch optimierten Rollwiderstand und durch ökologische Produktion zum Umweltschutz beitragen sollen. Sie heißen Ecopia, Efficient Grip oder EnergySaver . motor mobil zeigt die Technik, die hinter den neuen grünen Reifen steckt. mit stil: Giugiaro von Volkswagen aufgekauft - Eine Design - Legende wird ganz in den Dienst von Volkswagen gestellt.Mit der Übernahme der italienischen Design-Schmiede Giugiaro unterstreicht der Volkswagenkonzern seine weltweiten Wachstums-Ambitionen. Giugiaro hatte bis jetzt für die unterschiedlichsten Automobilhersteller auf der ganzen Welt gearbeitet. Aber ein besonders enges Verhältnis pflegt er schon seit den 70ern zu VW: er zeichnete die ersten Generationen von VW Passat, Golf und Scirocco in einem unverkennbar neuen, kantigen Design.

BMW Z4 sDrive 28i 2012 with TwinPowerTurbo
This is my drive today to go around all the festivities at the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance. Thank you BMW!

The Auto Channel's RoadTrip TV show examines the exciting new BMW Z4 roadster. Read reviews and get complete pricing information at TheAutoChannel.com.

The Motor Magazine - 21.09.2011 | drive it!
This edition of drive it! focuses on the Frankfurt Motor Show, the IAA. We take a look at some of the new concept cars with the latest electric motor technology. And we also go back in time to one cult classic from Germany.

drive it!: The Motor Magazine | drive it!
Join us this week for an in-depth look at the exclusive and elegant new BMW 6-Series coupe. After that we head for the hills to test three Asian SUVs. We also visit Daimler for a look at one of their latest projects - the driverless car.present it! The BMW 6-Series CoupeAfter presenting its new 6-Series convertible, BMW has now launched the coupe version of the model. drive it! Took out a 640i with a 235 kW engine -- 35 kW more than the model's predecessor.All of the coupe's motor variants come equipped with a standard 8-gear automatic transmission and automatic start-stop functionality. BMW has also set new standards with its adaptive headlights, which swivel as the car corners. compare it! Opel Antara vs. Mazda CX-7 vs. Mitsubishi OutlanderThis week drive it! Went off-road to test the abilities of three low-priced SUVs. Opel's new Antara faced off with two competitors from Asia -- the Mitsubishi Outlander and Mazda CX-7.The latest version of the Antara comes equipped with a 2.2-liter diesel motor that puts out 135 kW of power, more than either of Opel's competitors in the test. It also has the lead in terms of consumption. But is that enough to take the laurels? test it! Peugeot 508 Sedan and Station WagonPeugeot's new 508 supersedes the earlier 407 and 607 ranges. It's available both as a sedan and station wagon and drive it has put both through their paces.On the outside, the big Peugeot strikes an elegant and refined pose, and inside packs as much quality and attention to detail as any Audi, BMW or Mercedes. The trunk isn't the largest in its class but is spacious nonetheless. All in all, it has a certain German feel to it - but is it as good to drive? inside it! Mercedes Driverless CarsA car navigating Mercedes'test track may sound like nothing unusual, but who's driving it? No one, because this is Mercedes'fully automated driving system in action.Daimler is treading new ground by using it to test driver aids and other safety features. It means that dangerous scenarios can be simulated with centimeter accuracy and without a human test driver having to risk life and limb. vintage! The Silvretta ClassicSummer is here, and so is the Silvretta Classic car rally. It's the perfect opportunity for Austria's classic car enthusiasts to dust off their vehicles and take them out for a spin.152 vehicles signed up for the rally's 14th outing, ranging from pre-war old timers to some more recent classics. They had just three days to cover the scenic 540-kilometer long route through the Austrian mountains.

Picking up my BMW Z4
Me picking up my brand new BMW Z4 2.0 Msport I recently bought. I know it's a bit sad but it was a special day.

compare it! Rolls Royce Ghost vs. BMW 760 | drive it
Status symbols on wheels don't get much classier than a Rolls Royce Ghost or a BWM 760 li. drive it! decided to take a closer look at these masterpieces of modern automotive design.In visual terms the two are worlds apart. The BMW 760 li measures 5.21 meters and looks far more delicate than the even longer Rolls Royce Ghost. This is a question of sports versus style. The English gent is as majestic as a stately home. The BMW 760 li boasts supreme sportiness: with an exterior that fits like a tailor-made suit.

2012 Range Rover Evoque Coupe HD Video Review
http://drivencarreviews.com/ There's nothing else quite like the the 2012 Range Rover Evoque Coupe. It polarizes people. It makes a strong statement. Tom Voelk takes a look at this very unique vehicle that takes Land Rover into uncharted territory.

BMW Coupe (E92) vs Audi A5 - Тест-драйв.m4v
BMW, test-drive, testdrive, тест-драйв, тест драйв, Azerbaijan, Russia, Азербайджан, Россия

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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