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The Motor Magazine - 10.08.2011 | drive it!

drive it! - This time, we're taking a ride on the road ... and in the water. But before we arrive in Rotterdam for a city tour on a swimming bus, we present the new Audi Q3, one of the latest contenders in the compact SUV market.We'll also take a summer ride on a special three-wheeler before putting the Mercedes SLK, BMW Z4 and Audi TT to the test. And we'll check in with competitors at the Porsche Carrera World Cup as they face off against the challenging "Nordschleife" track at the Nürburgring.


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The Motor Magazine - 09.04.2010 | drive it
present it!: Audi R8 Spyder The Audi R8 has always been one of the most eye-catching cars on the road. Now the German carmaker has released the convertible version, and it is also turning heads. In fact, the technical data alone is enough to make those heads start to spin.The 10-cylinder engine gives the Spyder 525 horsepower from just 5.2 liters of displacement. The car can rocket from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds and has a top speed of 313 km/h. The suspension is tight, but forgiving -- unlike the prices, which, in Germany, start at €156,000. taste it!: Nissan Qashqai Three years ago, Nissan introduced the Qashqai. Since then, the crossover model has sold over 500,000 units worldwide. The seven-seater Qashqai+2 is an especially popular variant. The combination station-wagon/SUV was designed in Europe, and is built at the companys Sunderland factory in northern England.The majority of visible changes in the facelift were made to the front end of the car, where hood, fenders, grille and headlights were completely reworked. At the back, the Qashqai was given new taillights and a roof spoiler. test it!: Citroen DS3 Sportier, more dynamic -- and not retro. The Citroen DS3 is a member of the upstart generation at the venerable French carmaker. The designers have developed a stylish little runaround based on the C3 platform that could end up giving BMW's Mini some stiff competition.The DS3 has an idiosyncratic look, and offers a huge range of color combinations for individualists. Similar to the Mini, prices for the latest Citroen start in Germany at just over €15,000. vintage: Adler 1914 In the early 20th century cars were still a luxury bought either by the extremely rich or those obsessed with technology. The 1914 Adler marked a turning point in the car world.Its advanced technical features plus a robust and dependable construction were a winning combination for customers looking for a practical and quick means of transportation rather than a sophisticated toy.

The Motor Magazine - 13.07.2011 | drive it!
Join drive it! and learn more about Citroën's look back at its glorious design past with the unveiling of cars reminiscent of the DS21. We check out the latest family member, the DS4. drive it! also takes a critical look at luxury sedans, comparing the Audi A6 with the BMW-5 and Mercedes E-Class.Then we step into the land of dreams as drive it! goes for a spin in a Lamborghini Countach. Come along as we take the world-famous veteran sports car for a ride that is neither quiet, slow nor economical.

The Motor Magazine - 29.06.2011 | drive it
The new M-Class is designed to show that Mercedes SUVs are no dinosaurs - but in fact luxurious fuel savers. The BMW M1 and Audi RS3 make no pretences of economy in their battle of the pocket rockets. And after beefing up on so much automotive testosterone, we take you for a relaxing trip down memory lane to a meeting of vintage vehicles by Lake Constance.

The Motor Magazine - 14.09.2011 | drive it!
What's the most environmentally-friendly engine concept: a BlueEfficiency one or a fully-electric motor? drive it! takes a look at the automobiles of the future.

Mercedes SLK 350 vs BMW Z4, Audi TTS & Nissan 370Z roadtest (English subtitled)
Autorijden is soms puur plezier. Zo koop je een dure roadster omdat je weet dat je iemand bent die met hart en ziel houdt van autorijden. Wij nemen de nieuwe SLK 350 mee op reis naar het lege wegen paradijs Nord-pas-de-Calais en als we dan toch bezig zijn, kijken we hoe hij zich verhoudt tot drie net zo speciale concurrenten: een Audi TTS Roadster, een Nissan 370Z Roadster en een BMW Z4 sDrive35is. Welke is het leukst?

The Motor Magazine - 21.09.2011 | drive it!
This edition of drive it! focuses on the Frankfurt Motor Show, the IAA. We take a look at some of the new concept cars with the latest electric motor technology. And we also go back in time to one cult classic from Germany.

The Motor Magazine - 11.05.2011 | drive it
Audi is one of the few carmakers that put real racing car technology into their road-going models. The latest example is the Audi RS 3; 250 kilowatts make it drive like a Porsche. If you like it more elegant, then the Jaguar XF could be for you. But even the Jaguar has to bow to young-at-heart classic car, the Borgward Isabella convertible.

Большой тест-драйв (видеоверсия): BMW Z4
Машина, привлекающая взгляды и вызывающая безграничное уважение в новом выпуске «Большого тест-драйва». В российских условиях она абсолютно бесполезна большую часть года, но 3-4 месяца на ней можно поездить. Комфортно ли погружаться в машину, на что похож процесс раскладывания крыши, смог ли Стиллавин закрыть крышку багажника, в котором находился Вахидов, как умудрилась сломать палец одна из девушек и чем от неё пахло. В качестве постскриптума будни российского автомобилиста.

The Motor Magazine - 17.08.2011 | drive it!
The Beetle is dead, long live the Beetle! VW is launching a second attempt to resurrect its legendary cult model. The new version bears a closer resemblance to the original - while both the technology and price are distinctly modern! Plus we have two station wagons for under 10,000 euros: the Dacia Logan and Lada Priora. And the Mercedes CLS: a slick and stylish coupé version of the E-Class.

The Motor Magazine - 14.10.2011 | drive it!
Elegant, sporty or simply robust - this week's edition of Drive It puts a wide range of new car models to the test.

The Motor Magazine - 27.08.2010 | drive it
present it! The Audi A8 L - The A8 L is elegant and nimble in spite of its more than 5 meters and 27 centimeters. The 13 centimeters of extra length have been added between the sets of tires, stretching the car's wheelbase. That translates into more space and comfort in the interior.Along with the standard range of 6- and 8-cylinder A8 motors, A8 L customers can also choose a 500-horsepower 12-cylinder gasoline engine that's exclusive to the stretch version. drive it! settled for half that power, and took out the more economical, 3-liter 250-horspower diesel A8 L. picture it! The Silvretta E-Auto Rally - 200 gorgeous antique cars, perfect weather, and the beautiful backdrop of the Austrian Alps - the Silvretta Rallye was a huge success this year. And the cars in the Silvretta Classic were joined by the latest generation of electric automobiles as well, among them the VW Golf Blue e-motion and a new electric Mercedes SLS. test it! The Opel Astra EcoFlex - Opel's low-emission EcoFlex family of cars now includes 33 members, from the Agila to the Zafira. The latest model is the Astra EcoFlex, which has a 1.3 CDTI diesel motor that the carmaker claims burns just 4.1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers on the road.Along with a series particle filter, the new Astra has a five-gear transmission that is optimized for efficiency. drive it! put the economical little Astra through its paces. admire it! The Porsche 911 GT2 - Any Porsche 911 bearing the GT badge is a natural born racer. The engine of the 911 GT2 is based on the 6-cylinder boxer unit of the 911 turbo, and boasts twin Exhaust turbochargers. The 3.6-liter motor reaches its maximum output of 530 hp at 6,500 rpm. This powers the rear-engine speedster with a manual 6-speed transmission to 100 kph in just 3.7 seconds.Top speed is an exhilarating 329 kph -- provided you can find a long enough stretch of empty autobahn. drive it! checks out the GT2 on the racetrack. spot it! Free4Style - Freestyle Motocross Frenzy - Every July the quiet little town of Estavayer-le-Lac in Switzerland is invaded by over 20,000 fans of OTT sports. Among the crowd favorites at the Free4Style festival, which also includes wakeboarding and jetskiing, is the spectacular motocross competition. Riders perform spectacular jumps and tricks at heights of 10 meters above the ground.

The Motor Magazine - 15.09.2010 | drive it
This time, drive it! has something for everyone, whether it's a racing car that goes like a rocket or a cozy three-wheeled caravan. With more than 500 horsepower and a maximum speed of over 300 kilometers an hour, the Wiesmann GT burns up the track. A test driver says it's the most challenging car he's ever driven.And motorcycling fans take part in a celebrating the birthday of the legendary BMW enduro-bike, the GS. And finally, we took it easy while checking out some unusual caravans. admire it! The Wiesmann GT MF - 5Like its trademark gecko, the Wiesmann GT MF5 is quick. Hop in for a ride and let its 507 horsepower engine with a top speed of 310 kilometers give you that racetrack feeling. The Wiesmann brothers have been building their dream cars by hand since 1988.At their workshops near Münster, they spend 350 hours making each car, which incorporates BMW's M5 and M6 technologies. A choice of 400 different types of upholstering leathers, together with a wide range of thread, carpet and interior paints, guarantees a tailor-made interior. The no-frills MF5 model can be had for €180,000, although extras can cost much more. drive it! tested the Wiesemann where it's meant to run - on the racetrack. present it! Volvo in 2011 - In the coming year, environmental protection will be writ large at Volvo. It's the first time a front-wheel drive model of its XC 90 SUV will be available in Europe alongside the all-wheel drive models that have been on sale up to now. That's because not everyone takes their SUV off-road.With a small diesel under the hood, fuel economy is a real feature on the front wheel drive XC 90. And it's cheaper as well, with a selling price some €5,000 lower than the all-wheel drive model. Also new in Volvo's palette is a two-liter gasoline engine that's available for Volvo's small SUV, the XC 60, and in its S80 sedan. examine it!: The BMW GS Endurobike turns 30 - The BMW GS enduro bike has been a symbol of freedom and adventure for three decades. The secret of the motorcycle's popularity is that it perfectly blends sturdiness and off-road maneuverability with long-haul comfort. One of the GS' biggest fans is rally driver Jutta Kleinschmidt.She started her career by winning the women's race at the Dakar Rally on a GS. A visit to this year's GS meet at Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a good way to find out just how well-loved the classic motorbike is. test it! The Lexus IS 250 The Lexus IS 250 is supposed to give the Audi A4, the BMW 3-series and the Mercedes C-class a run for their money on the European market. Lexus is using the IS 250 to succeed on the old continent, particularly in Germany. It offers a choice between diesel and gasoline engines.

The Motor Magazine - 24.08.2011 | drive it!
Racing safely in the streets - drive it! presents the latest in sports cars and new automotive safety technology.present it! The Porsche Panamera DieselPorsche is introducing the Panamera Diesel as the long-distance comfort sedan for this series. With its 80-liter fuel tank, the car is able to travel more than 1,200 kilometers non-stop. Yet the Gran Turismo's 84 kilowatt engine is still economical, needing only 6.5 liters to travel 100 kilometers.With low friction tires, the car is even less expensive to run, with consumption going down to 6.3 liters. But with a starting price of 80,183 euros in Germany only the well-heeled will get the chance to drive one. compare it! Renault Clio Gordini RS vs the Citroen DS3 Racing and MINI John Cooper Works ClubmanThis time Compare it! hits the track with three really racy mighty mites. The test models all weigh in at less than 1,300 kilos and are less than four meters long, but they have plenty of power under the hood.The MINI John Cooper Works Clubman, Renault Clio Gordini RS and Citroen DS3 Racing all produce at least 147 kW of power and can easily get up to speeds of 220 km/h. The Clio Gordini's flashy striped design means the car cannot be missed. For those who are a bit more discreet, there is always the DS3 racing. drive it! finds out if the two French challengers can surpass the tiny British classic speedster, the MINI. test it! The Golf Convertible Makes a ComebackGermans used to call the old Golf convertible the"fruit basket", because its distinctive fixed rollover bar resembled a huge handle. The bar was great for acrobatic types who catapulted themselves into the car without having to open the doors.Now Volkswagen has introduced a new generation Golf convertible that does away with the rollbar altogether. Should the car overturn, an automatic rollover protection system hidden behind the rear seats deploys instantly. We put the new VW convertible to the test. inside it! The Ford Safety Tour Shows off New Seatbelt AirbagsAirbags can save lives. While we don't often see them, it's comforting to know that they're there, ready to inflate in a fraction of a second. Front airbags are a standard feature in modern vehicles, and many models also offer head, knee and side airbags.Now Ford has developed seatbelt airbags to protect passengers in the back. If a serious collision occurs, compressed gas from a cylinder under the seat is dispensed through the belt buckle into the seatbelt. The airbag hidden inside the belt pops out and inflates. drive it! was on hand at the Ford Safety Tour to take a closer look. vintage! Mercedes Benz Celebrates its 125th Anniversary In StyleCarl Benz invented the first automobile 125 years ago -- and the company that bears his name is celebrating this anniversary. At the Classic Days vintage car and motorsports event, hosted at Schloss Dyck, Mercedes Benz showed off many of its iconic models.This included the original Benz car from 1886, with the inventor's great-granddaughter Jutta taking a seat behind the wheel. Also on show was Mercedes'legendary 300 SLR roadster, which made its debut at the Mille Miglia endurance race in 1955. Back then Hans Herrmann was at the wheel. He's now 83 years old, but drive it! coaxed the legendary race car driver to get back in the cockpit once again.

Audi TT RS / Autoexplora TV / Pruebas de manejo
Pruebas de manejo, comparativos, recomendaciones que se ajustan a tu estilo de vida y la mejor asesoría a la hora de comprar un auto, lo encontrarás en Autoexplora Sí quieres saber más sobre este auto entra a: http://www.autoexplora.com.mx Visítanos en nuestras redes sociales: Twitter: @autoexploramx Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/autoexplora.com.mx

The Motor Magazine - 11.06.2010 | drive it
present it! A facelift for the Audi TT - Audi has given the second-generation model of its popular TT Coupé a makeover.In addition to design changes to the light-weight, mostly aluminum body, the interior has been touched up and there's an interesting new engine available. The powerful and efficient 4-cylinder 2.0 TFSI produces 211 hp and needs just 6.6 liters/100 km. taste it! Dacia Logan MCV - A conventional station wagon can provide a great deal of practical versatility for everyday use, but sometimes that's not enough.Families, for instance, may need a third row of seats. The Dacia Logan MCV tries to address those demands. The tall roof and vertical sides mean the station wagon offers a huge amount of interior space. So how does the Dacia perform in practice? drive it! finds out. compare it! Fiat Punto - Hyundai i20 - Two small cars - one Italian, the other Korean - face off in this week's drive it! comparison.We put Fiat's Punto Evo up against the Hyundai i20, an Asian car tweaked for the European market at the company's Rüsselheim design center. We tested a Fiat Punto Evo Racing equipped with a 95 hp, 1.3 liter diesel engine and a Hyundai i20 with the Comfort options package and a 1.4 liter diesel rated at 90 hp. spot it! What's new at the Essen Tire Fair - Concern about global climate change and the desire to reduce CO2 emissions is pushing tire makers to look for ways to improve their products' performance.The result is new tires with names like Ecopia, Efficient Grip or EnergySaver. Tire makers from 42 countries put their latest innovations on display at the Essen Tire Fair, giving drive it! a chance to investigate the technologies behind the new greener tires. vintage! Volkswagen buys Giugiaro - Volkswagen has added the legendary Italian design studio Italdesign to its growing list of automobile-making assets.In the past, its head Giorgetto Giugiaro has sketched cars for a wide variety of manufacturers. Its ties to Volkswagen go back to the 1970s, when Guigiaro gave first generation Golfs, Passats and Sciroccos their distinctive sharp lines. Designers at Italdesign are currently at work on Volkswagen's UP mini-car, scheduled to go on sale in 2011. drive it! takes a look at 4 decades of Giugiaro design.

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