The Motor Magazine - 10.08.2011 | drive it!

drive it! - This time, we're taking a ride on the road ... and in the water. But before we arrive in Rotterdam for a city tour on a swimming bus, we present the new Audi Q3, one of the latest contenders in the compact SUV market.We'll also take a summer ride on a special three-wheeler before putting the Mercedes SLK, BMW Z4 and Audi TT to the test. And we'll check in with competitors at the Porsche Carrera World Cup as they face off against the challenging "Nordschleife" track at the Nürburgring.

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Top Chefs Cook in Alpine Castles | euromaxx
Italy's South Tyrol region is famous for its castles and Alpine scenery and also its love of good food and wine. Five chefs from the region around the resort town of Merano have teamed up to cater gourmet meals in castles whose kitchens are not normally equipped for the task. The chefs take turns overseeing final preparations and hope the event will draw even more connoisseurs to the region.

Artist René Wirths | euromaxx
German painter René Wirths aims to cast everyday objects in a new perspective. His larger-than-life paintings of banal motifs whether tennis shoes or toilet paper rolls capture details that often go unnoticed by most viewers. Wirths'seemingly simplistic works are frequently described as conveying a sense of tranquility.

Compare it!: Mercedes SLK - BMW Z4 - Audi TT | drive it!
Mercedes gets a facelift to compete with two other roadstersWith its iconic logo on proud display, the SLK is focusing on luxury, with plenty of room in its sumptuous interior. But will the new styling actually leave the competition behind? Two other cars, the BMW Z4 and the Audi TT 2.0 TFSI are close rivals. The BMW has a classic roadster look with its massive hood and rear-wheel drive. The Audi TT has an irresistible sound. Which of these three roadsters will take the prize?

Present it!: Audi Q3 - Audi's SUV line goes compact | drive it!
The body is reminiscent of a coupé, giving this compact SUV a sporty edge. The car's trademarks are cool lines, elegant curves, and a distinctive set of head- and tail-lights. The Q3 offers drivers a choice between a diesel engine or two types of gasoline engines, for power between 125 and 155 kilowatts. In Germany, the price for the model starts at 29,000 euros.