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drive it! - This time, we're taking a ride on the road ... and in the water. But before we arrive in Rotterdam for a city tour on a swimming bus, we present the new Audi Q3, one of the latest contenders in the compact SUV market.We'll also take a summer ride on a special three-wheeler before putting the Mercedes SLK, BMW Z4 and Audi TT to the test. And we'll check in with competitors at the Porsche Carrera World Cup as they face off against the challenging "Nordschleife" track at the Nürburgring.

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Compare it!: Mercedes SLK - BMW Z4 - Audi TT | drive it!
Mercedes gets a facelift to compete with two other roadstersWith its iconic logo on proud display, the SLK is focusing on luxury, with plenty of room in its sumptuous interior. But will the new styling actually leave the competition behind? Two other cars, the BMW Z4 and the Audi TT 2.0 TFSI are close rivals. The BMW has a classic roadster look with its massive hood and rear-wheel drive. The Audi TT has an irresistible sound. Which of these three roadsters will take the prize?

drive it!: The Motor Magazine | drive it!
An SUV with a fuel consumption of just six liters per 100 kilometers? Mercedes wants to make that possible with the third generation M-Class. We also compare the Citroën DS4 with the Alfa Romeo Guiletta. And the driverless car: how driving assistants are taking over. present it! The Next Generation Mercedes M-Class Mercedes is introducing the new generation of its M-class series. The automaker has traditionally been behind the curve when it comes to eco-friendly technology, but they want to change that now.The new M-class is expected to consume 25% less fuel than its predecessor and it will meet European emissions standards too. All the gas and diesel engines have been redesigned with seven-speed gearboxes - and they, too, consume less fuel, thanks to the start-stop function. The new M-class resembles both the CL luxury convertible and the E-Class, but all in all it's kept the traditional M-Class look. Drive It! takes the new car out for a spin. compare it! Citroën DS4 and Alfa Romeo Giulietta Italian and French carmakers have style down to a tee, from the cut and form to the fabrics and colors. But what about the technology?We compare the Citroën DS4 and the Alfa Romeo Giuletta. Both carmakers want their designs to be different and eye-catching, but we take a closer look at just how they drive, and how comfortable they are inside with our seat test. inside it! Driving Assistance Systems Just a few years back, driving assistant systems were only reserved for luxury cars. But now you can find the specialized programs in all sorts of new cars, in almost every segment and class.These systems can help you park, pass other cars on the road or even turn night vision into day. Drive it! tests three cars, from the compact, mid-sized and luxury segments. We also visit an engineer in the city of Aachen who shows us a car that drives itself. Are drivers even necessary anymore? We find out. spot it! Best of British Logos This time Drive it! takes a closer look at the logos of English automakers. Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar are synonymous with luxury, and their trademark logos are as well-known as the cars they adorn. But what's really behind Bentley's winged 'B'? Why did Jaguar choose the big cat as its symbol? And who is the mysterious woman that inspired Rolls Royce's iconic hood ornament the "Spirit of Ecstasy", also known as the "Flying Lady"? vintage! The VW-Porsche 914 The moon landing was no doubt the most pioneering event of 1969. But what Volkswagen and Porsche came out with that year also looked to many sports car lovers like something out of this world.The VW-Porsche 914 polarized people -- and still does today. Some consider the car a rotten compromise, others a true maverick. Still the numbers speak for themselves -- some 120-thousand 914s were built, making it the first mid-engine car to rack up six-digit sales figures.

Artist René Wirths | euromaxx
German painter René Wirths aims to cast everyday objects in a new perspective. His larger-than-life paintings of banal motifs whether tennis shoes or toilet paper rolls capture details that often go unnoticed by most viewers. Wirths'seemingly simplistic works are frequently described as conveying a sense of tranquility.

The Motor Magazine - 24.06.2011 | drive it
The advantage of doing something last is that you can profit from the experience of everyone else. That's the position Audi is in with its very first hybrid model. We check out the technology-packed Q5 Hybrid.Can the VW Golf shut out the fierce competition from Ford's new Focus? We check them out. And we lust over two vintage convertibles made in heaven - the Borgward Hansa 1500 and VW Beetle.