Spanish Gypsy flamenco song

Safe Journey (1993)(the vagabond journey of Gypsy)

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Flamenco en Badajoz (Tony Gatlif), Latcho Drom
Algerian-born (with Roma roots), Tony Gatlif and a small team filmed gypsies (Roma) beginning at their presumed genesis in India, following migrations through Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Spain. (These are not the only countries with Roma populations, but just those in this film.) Some of M. Gatlif's wonderful films are available at: Some of the older films are intermittently available. Latcho Drom means "safe journey" in Romany, This scene was filmed in Badajoz, with many of the Amaya family singing as well as La Caita The cinematography is awesome, the music, dance, and daily activities of the Roma draw you into a film that has very little dialogue. And none is needed!

Las Montoyas - Boda Gitana en la playa
la negra, angelita montoya, martin revuelo, angelita vargas,..

Flamenco Fiesta | Gipsy Rumba
From the movie "Vengo" (2001). Director: Tony Gatlif ------ Music by: Gritos De Guerra ------ Song Title: Arrinconamela