MurderNovas all out

Thunder Vally Feb 3,2008 8.32 in 1/4 mile

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MurderNovas Dyno
Alternative MotorSports Dyno Day May 10th 08

shawns 5.04 pass
Shawns second test pass

Murder Nova first start-up, first drive, first street pass with wheelie!
Murder Nova firsts with twin turbo

FASTEST STREET CAR IN THE WORLD! Larry Larson runs 6.95 @ 209 on Drag Week!!! Larry Larson proves his car once again to be the fastest street car in the world by completing Hot Rod Magazin'es Drag Week 2010 AND making the first 6 second pass in Drag Week history! Not only did he make a 6 second pass, but he made that pass after driving 1200 miles on country roads, rain, and he did it 20 minutes after a 7.005 pass, hot lapping the car!