Subaru Impreza Sti Type-R V-limited Version 5 startup

Startup after 3 months in the garage. Sti Type-R V-ltd -99

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Subaru Impreza Sti Type R 0-180 kmh

Subaru 22B.wmv
Drifting Subaru 22B

MY00 Subaru Impreza STi Type R WRC Edition 311/1000
Walkaround after a quick clean

Subaru R-STi - JDM vs USDM: A Friendly Rivalry -- /TUNED
In the US, we never got the best Subaru of them all, the first generation WRX coupe, getting stuck with the fun-but-not-fast 2.5RS version. One of the more popular upgrades for those cars is the "R-STi" drivetrain swap. In the season premiere of Tuned, we look at two approaches: the USDM drivetrain swap, and the JDM drivetrain swap. Which is better? You decide.