AU Falcon 6 cylinder Lukey exhaust

Old car. Bit if a rev upto the raised limiter Pacemaker 4480 Comps, Magnaflow High Flow cat, 2 1/2" Lukey Exhaust, G&D Airbox, CAPA Flash tune.

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Ford Falcon AU XR6 Tune Melbourne | Dyno Tuning Melbourne
Ford Falcon AU XR6 tune up with Robbie McQueen Rob talks about a few of the advantages for the Ford AU XR6 of upgrading your engine management and fuel injection systems.

AU Falcon Exhaust
My AU Falcon Exhaust both before and after I've changed it. It's the only modification on the vehicle, everything else is stock. Sorry the last parts a little short, I'll have to make a better second part when I have time. ALSO I'll fix the space between "Redback" too...

AU ford falcon redback catback exhaust
Au falcon redback catback Exhaust

ford falcon xr6 dyno run, VCT vtec
car is a manual ford falcon au xr6 series 2. has the vct (variable cam timing) engine. mods are: -full 2.5" Exhaust (including ceramic coated extractors and xforce 100cpsi cat) -cold air intake