Kako Racing

Kako racing on the Dyno. Specs sr20det Alcohol turbo 3/4 chassis Best et of 7.25 @185MPH

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El Kako Racing @ Dyno
El Kako Racing en Sporty Dyno

Drag racing: SR20-powered MR1200 ute at Jamboree
Door slammer record-holder Ben Bray takes his SR20-powered MR1200 ute down the strip. More at http://www.performancecar.co.nz. This clip is from Jim Beam Performance Car TV, episode 4

Kako Racing 6.95@ Pass POV Inside the Car
Kako Racing 6.95@ Pass with a Inside POV of the Car Kako Racing Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/KakoRacing?ref=hl

El Kako Racing-7.0 @ 190mph World's Fastest SR20 ...
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