Bobby's 16th birthday surprise (please read the description)

I had absolutly no idea i was getting this today. in fact on my way back home i said to my dad that i wanted to go and check out this truck at the car dealer. Turns out this is that exact truck.

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Jeep Wrangler for My 16th Birthday
For my 16th birthday my parents surprised me with a 2004 Jeep Wrangler

Connor getting his 16th Birthday surprise (His Car a Pontiac Grand Am GT)
Connor getting his birthday surprise his car for his 16th birthday

Awesome Wife, super surprised Husband
Thought I was getting some jeans and boots for Bday...that would have been great. Already have a great family, what else does a man need? Maybe a little cake and ice cream. But had been looking at this truck at carmax...doesn't cost to look. Then in a couple days it vanished off the site. Figured someone bought it quick...That is okay too......But I will tell you, I quit looking at trucks. What I did not know was the person who bought that truck was my wife for my Birthday. I had not the first clue, the biggest Surprise of my entire life, I almost fell out in my garage. Sometimes wishes do come true, I have an awesome wife and son's. God has Blessed me in so many ways. Thank you for the best Birthday ever, Love forever Jimmy

My reaction to being surprised with a car! hahahaha