goldwing landing gear horizontal attitude control system.

goldwing landing gear GL5 control of the strong position GL5 horizontal sensor works by detecting in real time as the slope of the ground left and right landing gear strongly attached to the control. goldwing landing gear GL5의 강력한 자세제어기능 GL5는 수평센서의 작동으로 지면의 경사도를 실시간 감지하여 좌, 우측에 장착된 랜딩기어를 강력하게 제어합니다.

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The landing gear off-road video(랜딩기어 오프로드 영상)
I tried to do off-road tests in the playground. Admire (운동장에서 오프로드 테스트를 해 보았습니다. 감상해 보세요)

Goldwing with 4 wheels allows me to still ride. Insta-trike
With a bum leg and foot from Nam, and having dropped my 1,300 lb Honda Gold Wing (loaded with passenger) at very low speeds a few times making u turns on grades or in tight places, I decided to turn it into a free standing machine with these stabilizer wheels. Once the trailer hitch is installed, it is a matter of 5 minutes or less to take the Tow-Pac,Inc. Insta-Trike kit off and be back to 2 wheels. I took it off once, but put it back on because it is so much fun. It makes me feel good about driving on gravel or slippery surfaces. It will not tip over either and I can drive all speeds and take turns confidently. I have put over 10,000 miles on it since I installed it last year and must say, driving it is a lot of fun too. So if you have a bum leg like me or are having trouble holding it up, you might like this alternative. I sure do and for thousands of dollars less than a regular trike kit. This was worth it...especially if you have a bad leg and still want to ride. Check out for models, etc. Thanks for watching.

Custom Bike 龍 Landing Gear New Custom Plus (HONDA GoldWing GL1500)
現在、この製品は、販売しておりません。新型のLanding Gear TM (ランディング・ギア・ティーエム ) を販売しております。 販売済みの製品については、引き続き、保守、点検及び 修理を行っております。 カスタムバイク龍(が、開発・ 造・販売しています大型バイクの立ちゴケ防止装置"Land ing Gear (ランディングギア)"の動画です。 HONDA GoldWing GL1500 (ホンダ ゴールドウイング) にLanding Gear New Custom Plus (ランディングギア ニュー・カスタム プラス)を取付けました。 この Landing Gear New Custom Plus は、自動で車体を垂直に保つことができるので、バック などする際の転倒を防止し、取り回しが楽になります。 また、ランディングギアのみで後輪を浮かせることがで きるので、センタースタンドの出し入れが楽にできます 。車体重量400kg以上の車体を転倒状態から垂直に起こす ともできます。