My R33 vs EVO 9

r33 beats evo 9 13.47 - 13.78 @ wsid sydney

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Proof that Skyline's arnt that quick
I went on a freezing cold 9 degree night to the WSID to see if there was any Nissan skylines racing, well what do you know, there was plenty, seeing as thou i had my camera i decided to go to the pits picture the various skylines and also record them go past the finsih line. I did this investigation just to proove to the people out there that think that skylines are so quick, well they aint. Views: 2,522 Added: 3 months ago

R33 Skyline GTS-T
Small little video of my R33 skyline GTS-T

EVO 8 at WSID - 25 Nov 09'
My 5 runs at WSID.

180sx at WSID 12.8 1/4 mile smashing Evo 7
Me and my mate at WSID. My first 12.8 pass at 105mph vs my friend's Evo 7 which did 13.8 @ 100mph, although its best ever was 13.2.