BLACKHEART SRT8 vs Supercharged Magnum Chrysler BLACKHEART Srt8 vs Supercharged Dodge Magnum drag racing! Check out my channel to see more videos of the blacked out, Nitrous powered Chrysler 300 from Dragg City!

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$10,000 MIRock Pro Street "Battle Royale" the Movie DVD promo trailer
$10,000 MIRock Pro Street "Battle Royale" the Movie DVD promo trailer! If you like this promo video, then take a look at the full compilation documentary video featured right here on youtube for almost every Pro Street bike pass from the event from the testing and tuning runs on Friday, the Qualifying runs on Saturday and every single Elimination pass made in the Pro Street class and more! Tons of Pro Comp class, Real Street class, and more of the fastest professional riders at the event, right here: For a full photo album of this epic racing event, check out our affiliate MDR1 on facebook for exclusive media coverage of the entire event:

GMC Topkick 6500 huge truck at Cruisefest 2011, Kilkare Dragway
GMC Topkick 6500, huge truck at Cruisefest 2011, Kilkare Dragway. Of all the cool custom trucks and cars I saw at this crazy event, this was my favorite truck, this thing was a monster I had never seen before! If you like big huge diesel trucks, black smoke, heavy machinery and other unique automotive vehicles, make sure you check out the GARAG3 for tons more close up videos:

Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler spotted 2015
Cruising through Maineville Ohio, May 2015, automotive enthusiast Aries Xecutioner comes across a custom gray and red, Jurassic Park themed Jeep Wrangler parked at the gas station. Always thought it would be cool to ride around in one of these or better yet, get a few of them together and film my own Lost World/Jurassic Park scenes for my own mini movie. Anyways I have come across these JP themed Jeeps before, check out the link below for the first JP Jeep I encountered: If you like cool custom cars spotted in nature in the highways, roads and parking lots of south western Ohio, make sure you check out my channel for more movie themed and replica cars and trucks:

Lexion 585 R Heavy Farm/Agricultural Machinery, Ohio 2015
Check out this brand new piece of hardware for the farm, Lexion 585-R, Heavy Farm/Agricultural Machinery for sale, Ohio 2015.