2006 Infiniti G35 Dyno Pull - Intake, Exhaust, Cobb Tune, etc.

I had Japtrix Dynotune my car and I am very pleased with the results. Roger is the man! Engine mods on the car when Dynoed: Furookie Air Intake (powdercoated black) M2 Non-Resonated 2.5" Test Pipes HKS Hi-Power Titanium Exhaust Motordyne 5/16 Iso Thermal Plenum Spacer Motordyne MREV+ Intake Manifold Motordyne Copper Iso Thermal Upgrade Cobb AccessPort Click this for the complete mod list: http://home.comcast.net/~pagano.anthony/site/

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Turbo Infiniti G35 Dyno makes 620rwhp! -TX2K12
Fan Page: DScrogginsProduction Facebook. Beast turbo Infiniti G35 puts down some impressive numbers! This is a 800+HP G35 First pull it taps out early and makes 458rwhp due to Dyno wheel spin. Second Dyno run it makes 620rwhp! Still there is wheel spin! Tuned by Power Fab Automotive Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! More Automotive Videos on my Channel!

G35 vs Supra
A modified Supra runs into a group of modified G35s, then lines up with a Vortech supercharged G at a light. The honks at the beginning are when we first notice the Supra, even though you can't see it from where my camera is mounted. We give him an open lane, he bites, and things get pretty crazy from there. Enjoy! Edit: Camera car = Saturn Sky Red Line

5 Things to Expect When Buying a Used G35
Want a G35? Well here are 5 important things to look at when buying a used G35. Let us know what you recommend to look for when buying a G35.

Infiniti G35 6mt Coupe(MotorDyne TDX2 + Art Pipes) UpRev Dyno Tune @RAD
Special thanks to Real Auto Dynamics for all of this! Check them out on their social media pages! FB: https://www.facebook.com/realautodynamics?fref=nf IG: http://instagram.com/realautodynamics Mod list: Motordyne TDX2 catback Exhaust Motordyne V3 Art Pipes Motordyne 5/16" Plenum Spacer Nismo CAI