Tracking and drifting w/ 751 hp 350z twin turbo

Some clips from track 2010 in Sweden put together in a short movie

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Fully Built Twin turbo 350Z Drift
350z built by Hydra Performance drifting at the Red Bull qualifiers ... AWESOME

Greddy Twin Turbo 350z Drifting
Greddy Twin turbo, Function Tuned Fuel Return, Fast Intentions 3 Inch Downpipes, SVRT Open Wastegates, Greddy Evo TT Exhaust

NISSAN 350Z in DRIFT (800 Hp 1100 Nm)
Vents Pečaks 800 Hp 1100Nm LS1 Twin turbo

Turbo 350Z Drift Almost Kills Girl!
Watch this turbo 350Z nearly lose control and hit a girl during the Hot Import Nights drift competition in Orlando. You can see the tail end of the car approach the wall right where the girl in the pink shirt was filming. This was a very close call for this young lady and could have been the end of her life had the car lost control! Great drift run by this guy in the 350Z but this chick was in a restricted area of the track and was later asked to move!