NJ Truckin

A Glimpse of an Everyday drive in NJ

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Truckstop drama at the pilot in Virginia. This place is always a cluster.
http://www.lifeasatrucker.com/drivers-lounge.html Truck stops are a truckers home away from home. Some times there is a little drama amongst impatient stressed out drivers. Usually it's all on the CB radio but sometimes they get a little silly like this. Both of them could have prevented this but neither wanted to be the one to stop.

New Jersey lazy Longshoreman vs Truck Drivers at GLOBAL TERMINAL
Pier Rat Truckers make $.00 PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR and Longshoreman make $ 40.00 per hr.. to mayor Booker of NEWARK of NJ and mayor BLOOMBERG of NEW YORK... Take a look at our ports before you guys agree on the clean air truck program. you could have new trucks but if you have lines like this trying to get into the pier you will always have pollution ..... the carrieres , the brokers and port employees (longshoreman) are the one's making money.... it's called deregulation .. a poor trucker is trying to make a living and now we are forced to buy a new truck when we don't make money to begin with ...if our trucks pass federal emissions and inspection does PORT AUTHORITY mayor Booker and Bloomberg have more power than the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to make there own law ??? Where is our President of the United States of America ???? This is the Downfall of America ,,, companies move there products to be made in other countries .... the freight charges are high but not because of truck drivers , we get pennies on the dollar as a Owner Ops.. look at the video it does not lie ..

Trucker Train Horns On A Peterbilt Big Truck
Trucker Train Horns on a Peterbilt Large Car going Hoooonk Hoooonk by Hilbilly Nervous WrEcK Truckin Up Bebee Dossss!

(parking)backing up tractor trailer at 90 degree
similar situation with a sleeper http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFSOgHSLRsE