Red Bentley Continental GT

beautiful red bentley continental gt filmed at night. this car was completely stock besides it had slightly tinted windows. this car was at the bentley dealer on alpharetta highway in georgia.

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Mansory Bentley Continental GT Delivery in Cannes
I filmed the delivery of an Arab Mansory Bentley Continental GT in Cannes, in front of the Carlton Hotel. The car comes in a white tint, which is perfect for the French Riviera in my opinion. It's beautiful! Enjoy!

Candy Red Bentley GT Coupe on 24" Forgiato Wheels
My Homie B decided to go a whole different route with his GT coupe when it came to the exterior. Most ppl think this car needs know changes, It say enough stock. Sent it to Phase 3 Customs in South Carolina had them Spray it a Candy red over Gold and add a set of 24" Forgiatos Just to put the Icing on the cake ! Check out more pics at on Instagram @WhipsbyWade and on Facebook

ALL RED Bentley's Continental Coupe/Sedan on 24" Forgiatos - 1080p HD
2 matching ALL RED Bentleys! A WIDE BODY KIT Bentley Continental GT Coupe on 24" Forgiatos, 24x12 Forgiato in the back, and custom all red leather and suede interior. Trunk had 2 12's and custom box built in the trunk! Then behind it was a Bentley Continental Flying Spur sitting on Forgiato Andata (or Disegno) 24's! Both seem to be done by "The Rim Shop" in Charlotte, NC! At Forgiato Fest 2012 in Miami, FL.

Candy Red Bentley GT Coupe on 24" Forgis
The only 'negative' thing to say about this paint is the fact that it was an inside show and you couldnt see how the flakes really danced in the light. Sittin on 24" Forgiatos with peanut butter guts... CLEAN & simple Get in tune with the movement