Eddyville raceway park Night Of Fire (7-2-2011)

Eddyville's Night Of Fire took place in Eddyville,Iowa Eddyvilleraceway.com

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WFAN11 - World Fuel Altered Nationals 2011
The 2011 World Fuel Altered Nationals in Eddyville, Iowa was yet again another successful annual event with organizer Scott Gaulter (owner of the Nitro Madness machine) doing an amazing job once again. I bring some of the craziest fuel altereds in the Midwest to the event, including Nitro Madness, Sundown, Harold Thompson Jr, Purple Haze, Cheaper Than Therapy, and Sudden Debt!

Night of fire Eddyville Raceway 7-2-11.mpg

Altereds,NFC's and Wheelstanders NOF Eddyville Raceway.mpg

Eddyville Raceway Park-Jet Cars
Eddyville race is the home to Night Of Fire