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National Geographic Situation Critical Hollywood Shootout

North Hollywood Shootout: Terror in L.A.!!! (Complete Documetary)
The 1997 North Hollywood Shootout Documentary that made headlines around the world! Watch and Enjoy! :)

LAPD North Hollywood shootout training video, Pt 2
Part two of LAPD training video for the 1997 North Hollywood shootout following a robbery of a Bank of America branch. This video bears no copyright notice, and is considered public domain. Sorry for the quality, converted from VHS. Part 1 is here:

Hollywood Shootout 1997
The famous Bank of America robbery North Hollywood shootout was an armed confrontation between two heavily-armed and armored bank robbers Larry Eugene Phillips Jr & Emil Dechebal Matasareanu & patrol & SWAT officers of the LAPD on February 28 1997 at a Bank Of America teler-office