Soundproofing a car - 5/6 Door for more info Materials used: STP GOLD / SILVER (Vibroplast) STP SPL STP ALUM (Madeline)

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Soundproofing a car - 6/6 Conclusion for more info

Soundproofing a car - 4/6 Trunk for more info Materials used: STP BOMB (BIMAST BOMB) STP SPL

Full soundproofing car. Vibration isolation and noise reduction.
Soundproofing a vehicle is used to improve the acoustic comfort of the driver and passenger. To qualitatively insulate the noise, it is necessary to eliminate the metal vibration and absorb noise inside the car. In all the metal in the car glued to the vibration-isolating material. Thin Plastic also need vibration isolation. With just a vibration isolation, you will feel a great comfort. But we can do even better. Arrange in a car noise absorbing material, such as felt, and noise is reduced more. This video is provided by the manufacturer of the Chinese automotive sound insulation "JAWS" ________________________________________ Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!

INCREASE MID BASS! How to Sound Deaden Like a Pro - CarAudioFabrication
Materials and Tools for this Project Here: Join the FREE weekly training program: In order to get the most out of our front speakers we need to take some steps installing sound deadening, and do it properly. This video will show you how you can improve your mid bass by making your door into more of a cavity simulating a subwoofer enclosure and how to use CLD MLV and CCF . Second Skin Deal: Unfortunately the deal is now over but you can still find awesome sound deadening products at: A special thanks to them for providing the materials I used in this video! Need a box design? Go here: Join the FREE weekly training program: Help Mark with the monthly costs of running CAF here: OTHER FULL VIDEO SERIES: Simple Door Pods [VIDEO] Series: Custom Subwoofer Box [VIDEO] Series: Underseat Fiberglass Sub Box [VIDEO] Series: Fiberglass Door Pods [VIDEO] Series: SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @caraudiofab Twitter: @caraudiofab Music by: Griphop - Kevin MacLeod Cut and Run- Kevin MacLeod Son of a Rocket - Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 CarAudioFabrication - The Secrets of Car Audio Revealed