Soundproofing a car - 5/6 Door for more info Materials used: STP GOLD / SILVER (Vibroplast) STP SPL STP ALUM (Madeline)

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Soundproofing a car - 6/6 Conclusion for more info

Soundproofing a car - 4/6 Trunk for more info Materials used: STP BOMB (BIMAST BOMB) STP SPL

DIY: How to Soundproof your Vehicle Under $100
I (a previous Audimute Customer) created a short tutorial in how to soundproof your vehicle using Audimute's 3.2mm Peacemaker sound insulation material. This is high quality, low cost way to soundproof your vehicle. Final Cost about $100 to soundproof your trunk, tailgate, and 4 doors. This is a 1-2 day project, depending on the number of hours you'd like to put in to it.

How to Sound deaden your doors from Robert Davidoski
Here is a basic tutuorial slide show on how to sound deaden your doors. The applications and process you see here will work on the rest of your car as well.