350Z Nismo exhaust

Nismo S-Tune muffler and midpipe, Stillen high-flow Y-pipe, Berk high-flow cats, stock headers, Vortech V2 with 2.87" pulley

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2003 350z Nismo Exhaust Driveby
Nismo S Tune catback Test pipes Stock headers

350z Nismo cat back exhaust w/ AAM test pipes
2007 350z nismo cat back AAM non resonated test pipes

2008 350z JIC Y pipe, Nismo S tune mid pipe and muffler part 2 (better video)
This vid is a little better then the other one but still get alot of wind noise in the cabin but i def get on the car alot more so you can hear the Exhaust starting @ :55 sec mark and up (i beep at the shop who did the install for me Bobby Bammann of Bammann Racing engines :) @ 3:25 i really lean into it. So check it i hope you guys like it. once again stock cats :)

Nismo Exhaust 350Z Sound Clips | AutoHow.TV
Nismo Exhaust on otherwise stock 2008 350Z. Enjoy the drive-by sound clips! See complete how-to videos at: http://www.autohow.tv