Land Rover ploughing snow

Land Rover defender ploughing snow 29th November Glenquey ochil hills perthshire Scotland.

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UAZ in deep snow.
It's not a usual car, it's not a truck, it's not a hummer - it's russian four by four civillian multi pourpose vehicle. Great car for great adventures.

OEX Defender 90 Climing a hill in 1' of snow.
Check out Warning: DO NOT attempt anything seen in this video without proper training.

Camel Trophy Land Rover Years
oficjalna historia Camel Trophy / Official story of Camel Trophy

Land Rover Defender - The ultimate Camper conversion
Land Rover Defender - The ultimate Camper conversion built by Alu-Cab. A spectacular modification to a land Rover Defender that turns it into a two-person camping truck. This vehicle was built in Cape Town South Africa and can be ordered from the company that built it. This is Andrew St Pierre White's review of this vehicle. But is it better than the similar Toyota Land Cruiser 78 built for me? Find our here. If you enjoy Andrew's videos, click here: