Xios Motorworks SVT Focus Turbo

Clips: 0-65 1st and 2nd gear no launch, 35-75 2nd and 3rd gear, 0-65 1st and 2nd gear uphill no launch, 5-35 in third gear, 70 to 90 in 6th gear. Ford Focus SVT with a Xios Motoroworks turbo kit and 91 ocatane pump gas at 12.5psi. Tip: Watch the speedometer and tach.

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Turbonetics Power SVT Focus
For Sale: http://www.focusfanatics.com/forum/showthread.php?t=245382

2004 SVT Focus Turbo - Dataloging
Taking a datalog for Tom at FocusPower after making an adjustment to the MAFia. This datalog consisted of 5 minute idle, 5 minute cruise and one WOT 2k-5.5k RPM in 3rd gear. 2004 SVT Focus Custom turbo kit with GT2860RS, blow through MAF, Xios manifold Stock engine and fuel system with SPEC stage 3 clutch Stock SVT Exhaust with CFM cat delete

Ford Focus RS RS500 Turbo Back Exhaust System

Turbo SVT Focus Exhaust
2002 SVTF with modified GUDE turbo kit. Has 4-1 header, EWG, 2.75 inch downpipe, 2.75 inch CFM cat delete pipe, 2.75 inch magniflow catback with resonator and muffler. Car is currently on 5 pounds of Boost. The motor is not built, all original currently @ 135k. 440cc injectors Diablo MAFia SCT Tuner + Tom tune Mitsubishi TE04h turbo w/IWG delete Blitz bov turbonetics Evolution Wastegate @ 5psi CFM cat delete pipe Gude Intercooler + piping Gude 4-1 manifold CFM unbreakable dogbone mount