open headers on my 350 hp 350 c.i.

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Open Headers/ Headman Headers 1970 Chevrolet
1970 Chevy 350 Open headers.

bad blazer 4
sbc power

bad ass chevy open headers
ol chevy play truck with welded rear end built 305 lunati cam lots more on 33x12s first to second grab

Burnouts open headers on the street
I am the announcer at Kansas City International Raceway.KCIR. This video was taken June 3rd. 2006 on a very busy 4 lane road that was just resurfaced and repainted, i think they did it just for me and a couple of hundred of my friends.It was called an open header cruise, where cars would cruise to Fuddruckers about 5 miles from the dragstrip. Then with the help of some friends we shut down the road for about 20 minutes until the police showed up.