runnin' down jarren

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JP EVO vs Twin Turbo 350z
built twin turbo 350z vs built evo ix 60 roll

Supercharged Vette vs Turbo Trans am Milan Drag NO ET!
Big June vs turbo Trans Am Milan Dragway NO ET! September 15, 2012

Corvette Supercharged LS2 vs. 911 TT (996) vs. Ivey Built Evo
This was recorded on a closed road in Mexico. 1. Vette has ECS SC600 blower on pump gas. 2. 911TT has upgraded turbos and supporting mods. 3. Evo has a fully built engine, huge turbo, and was on a break in tune on low Boost (barely running at full potential).

vette magic 2013 Supercharged C5 vs c4 Corvette with Superram, LT4 hotcam, custom chip
The c4,as a custom chip, headers, lt4 hotcam, and 3.42s. its a 4+3 transmission.