DIY: BMW E46 Idle Control Valve Cleaning and Removal

DIY on my 2002 330i. Shows how to remove your ICV

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How to Clean BMW IAC ICV Idle air control valve and what symptoms to look for e30 34 e36 e39 e46
How to Clean BMW IAC ICV Idle air control valve and what symptoms to look for e30 e34 e36 e39 e46, in this video i demonstrate how to clean the idle valve on most bmw's and explain how to diagnose problems caused by the IAC ICV , i apologize for the odd camera exposure, for some reason the yellow towel and bright sunlight makes my camera do strange things. . . . Send stuff to my PO box for products you want reviewed or for a shout out on the channel, Nathans DIY Garage PO BOX 115 Altenburg MO 63732

BMW E46 Intake Boot, Throttle Body, Idle Control Valve
I post a video that adds some important details to the tutorials already on the net. I provide some helpful advice on a difficult aspect of intake boot replacement on the BMW E46. A known weakness in the BMW intake system causes cracking, air leakage, whistling, a high pitch whine, and check engine codes.

BMW E46 & E39 Most Common Vacuum Leaks P0171 & P0174
The P0171 and P0174 codes will plague every owner of an E46 or E39 BMW at some point in their lives. So, 99 times out of 100 they are caused by a vacuum leak and on the M54/M52 engine there are a few common causes of vacuum leaks. So common that I'd say 95% of cases will be covered by what I go over in this video. I also talk about what a vacuum leak is, how a MAF sensor works, and so on. One thing I don't cover in this video is how to test your oxygen sensors to see if they are working. I will do that in a future video. Please also take a look at these other videos I've published: E46 Common Repair Steps E46 CCV Replace & Intake Removal (Part 1) - See It Clearly! E46 CCV Replace & Intake Removal (Part 2) - Put It Back Together! Good luck!

Easy Way to Check an Idle Air Control Valve
In this video I show you an easy way to check an idle air control valve.