mx6 on dyno

mazda mx6- v6. borla Exhaust, headers, test pipe CAI

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Mazda mx6 turbo 260hp (ivytech dyno)
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Mazda MX-6 Dyno dynorun dynoday
2.5 V6 KL03 with mods @ Dyno

1994 Mazda MX6 N/A Baseline Dyno Run 12/26/14
This is my first ever run on the Dyno. a baseline before i put the turbo in. I have the Intercooler on already because I wanted to het everything done that I could before the turbo goes in tonight. :) 1994 Mazda MX6 2.5 KLDE V6 Mods: -K&N Cold Air Intake - 67mm Throttle Body - Wrapped SS Headers - Catalytic Converter Delete - 2.5" Cat-Back Exhaust - OBX Muffler 152hp max 156tq max

I miss my MX-6!
First start of my `92 Mazda MX-6 V6 after about 4 months. btw... yes, the RX-8 in the backround also belongs to me. ;)