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Lexus Wireless Music Streaming using Bluetooth A2DP

Integrated A2DP wireless music streaming on my Lexus IS250. This allows me to wirelessly stream stereo audio to the car audio system. (Create and play custom playlists and audio from the web) This setup is possible on any car that has auxiliary input. The setup consists of a Blackberry Bluetooth Music Gateway device that resides in the central armrest. It is connected via a 3.5mm stereo jack to the auxiliary port and a blackberry mini car charger. This is paired to your mobile phone. Once the initial pairing is complete, the device will then auto-connect with the phone every time the car is turned on. You can stream music wirelessly by selecting the AUX source on you car stereo. If you have bluetooth telephone in your car, then this will not be effected. Both will work together You can now enjoy wireless audio streaming in your car. For more information, please visit my blog: http://is-250.blogspot.com/


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Lexus GS 2007 2008 iPod iPhone aux install and demo

2006 Lexus GS300 Bluetooth Hands Free and A2DP streaming, USB, Auxiliary Music kit, demo by GROM
This video shows you how the GROM-USB2P kit for Toyota/Lexus works in Lexus GS300 2006. Text is displayed on the stereo, you can browse by playlists created on USB drive. Bluetooth wireless allows you to use the phone for hands free calls, and for wireless audio. Track up and track down controls work for GROM Bluetooth. The video shows quick step how to reset Bluetooth connection, and how to pair your phone to GROM Bluetooth Dongle. More information is available here: http://www.gromaudio.com/store/usb_adapters/toyota_lexus_scion_usb_ipod_ada pter_direct_digital_interface.html Thank you for watching, and let's get GROMified!

Apple iPhone integration into my Lexus IS250
This is a follow-up video to my integrated digital tv video, posted Apr 2008. Digital TV tuner still exists but has been moved to AV2 and iPhone is now on the default AV1. I've also made an auxilary AV box under passenger seat for 3rd AV source e.g. playstation etc. Follow-up video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQQU6WFLdvE More information can be found on my blog at http://is-250.blogspot.com/ apple iphone lexus ipod is250 is220d tv isf is350 navhack integrated car satnav rear entertainment system freeview mods modifications dvb tuner car auxilary incar headrests av units playstation xbox nav mod navigation hack diy kit 3gs apple lexus integration car iphone kit iphone in car iphone 4g gps iphone in car incar iphone ipod touch lexus apple lex iphone

Non-Responsive Lexus Navigation System Fix
This video is a guide to help those with the Lexus Navigation system problem. I made this video out of frustration to not finding much on this issue online and what little I found had very little to go on, I'm hoping this helps others with a similar issue. *Disclaimer: I am not a mechanic and do not work for Lexus or Toshiba. I'm lending my un-professional guide to this issue. Please remember when working with electronics there can be a possibility of electric shock, please be careful and remove all jewelry and unplug main power source, do not touch any of the components on the circuit board, wear some sort of static strap, the static electricity can damage components. I am not responsible if you break, destroy or injure yourself, please take you're time. If in doubt seek professional assistance.* Click on the hyperlink times to fast forward to key points in the video: Removing the navigation system ( 0:04 - 6:46 ) Disassembling The navigation unit ( 6:47 - 10:06 ) removing touchscreen ( 10:07 - 12:14 ) Testing and fixing ribbon cable (12:15 - 19:30 ) Reassembling the Navigation unit ( 19:31 - 21:30 ) Result ( 21:31 - 23:32 ) Crap needed to complete project ( 21:33 - 23:55 ) I own all the rights and permission to the content on this video. music: *ROYALTY FREE *♫ "Clap Your Hands" by Walk HomeWalk Home SoundCloud - ‪http://soundcloud.com/walk-homeRoyalty-Free Music ツ ‪http://freebiefm.com *ROYALTY FREE*♫Royalty-Free Music: "Firelady" by Gaden Rhoss & DeathstabGaden Rhoss YouTube: ‪http://www.youtube.com/gadenrhossRoyalty-Free Music ツ ‪http://freebiefm.com *ROYALTY FREE*♫Royalty-Free Music: "Solar" by Walk HomeWalk Home SoundCloud: ‪http://bit.ly/Zs2SpoRoyalty-Free Music ツ ‪http://freebiefm.com *ROYALTY FREE* Bass Monster(synth) by Stunt10104

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