Turbo 408 Trans Am vs 5.3 76mm Turbo Ford LTD

LTD gets the hit

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Junkyard 5.3 in LTD running 9's
Just some easy passes on 235 drag radials and thru 6 mufflers ;)

Old start cold start ford ltd 5.3 iron Ls motor turbo swap
Runs good

KC2K12 Street Race - 400+ Cars & 200+ Races
MINI TX2K12 - If you've seen the street racing that occurs during the TX2K event, it's like something you just can't reproduce! A group of guys in the mid-west sure are trying hard to do it though! This one has a bit of a twist though.. Think Ice Cream Cruise + TX2K... 400+ cars in one continuous cruise, "RACING THEIR ASSES OFF" there were so many street races within a 5 hour period tha night it was NUTS!

Stock bottom end 5.3 LSx + 76mm + 275s = 5.3x @ 130 mph
I'm calling this my unofficial 5.3x pass for now, smoke tricked starting line beams and threw off the et but went 5.40 @ 129 1.25 60 on previous pass, picked up 1 mph and turned up launch on this pass. 5.3l Stock 243s Stock truck intake Stock Exhaust manifolds Cam Pushrods Valve springs Head studs