MR2 3VZ-FE Longlife Exhaust

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MR2 with 3VZ-FE Engine Sound example
I changed the air filter from a mushroom style air filter directly on the air flow meter to an K&N Filter with an 45 degree pipe to have it sit directly in the air flow on the opening in the rear fender. The sound changed a lot - judge yourself!

exhaust sound- Vacuum actuated ECV on a V6 3VZ-FE
Just replaced my old electronic Exhaust control valve with a vacuum operated one, which opens when the engine revs increase. Vacuum pipe fitted to the spare suction holes, which remained after the EGR was deleted. No funny comments about the Exhaust, the thing that comes out the side, Lol

Sw20 mr2 with 3vz

3VZFE MR2 acceleration
Stock 3VZFE and S54 transmission.