Ford Cortina MK3 Restoration PT49

Mk3 Cortina GXL PNO 922K restoration video PT49 episode 1. Rebuillding of the front end.

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Ford Cortina GXL Restoration EP50
This is it. The long awaited EP 50. Shell dipped and washed redipped and awaiting electro priming.

Ford Cortina MK3 GXL restoration Episode 49 PT 3A
trim fitting, trim alignment, panel gap alignment . Sorry about the delay we are back on with the restoration but on less days. We are coming close to being finished on the shell, perhaps by EP49 pt 6 we may be there, sorry about the sub sections but im planning part 50 to be the dipping video.

1971 Ford Cortina MK3 GXL Restoration Video Episode 49 PTs 8 & 9
here we work on the shell even more, some engine work, general tidy up of welds, clean up the engine block and begin engine rebuild

The Ford Cortina - Celebrates 50 Years! Presented by Alexei Sayle (The Young Ones)
The Ford Cortina celebrates 50 years! i remember this car well as we had one a mk 3 like the one showed in the 2 pics at he start but a darker blue and black roof in the early 80's and at the time thease cars were seen as being quite cool and spacious inside and drove fast. This is an interesting article all about this great car. Enjoy!