Ford Cortina MK3 Restoration PT49

Mk3 Cortina GXL PNO 922K restoration video PT49 episode 1. Rebuillding of the front end.

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Ford Cortina GXL Restoration EP50
This is it. The long awaited EP 50. Shell dipped and washed redipped and awaiting electro priming.

Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL Restoration Episode 49 PT2
Bulkhead lower (footwell) repair, rear lower quarter weld/braze work, washer bottle and battery bracket fitment, stripping of XL for spares, removal of repair sextions from XL. Dont forget there are 48 other videos covering the whole project.

Ford Cortina MK3 GXL Restoration EP 64 NM
Engine and running gear test, this is a re uploaded version of EP64 without the music at the end in order to clear copyright in some countries.

Mk 3 Ford Cortina GXL full restoration
From swamp to show winner, this video gives you an insight into the whole story of PNO 922K, 1971 Mk3 2.0 Manual Cortina GXL. IN 2011 I rescued the car and over the next 2 1/2 years with the help of many, went about rebuilding it. This is the story. Its worth watching in its entirety and with your volume up as much of the music is synced to the video.I made the film using Videopad editing software. I hope you enjoy the show, sit back, dim the lights, turn up the sound, get some popcorn or pizza and go for it.