Pocket Bike Start Up

Here is a video of me starting up my video hope u enjoy. Plz rate, subscribe, and comment My bad i had to turn the choke on not clutch.

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Starting my pocket bike
Created on November 7, 2010 using FlipShare.

150cc Pocket Bike
For sale!!

Unboxing my pocket bike MTX!
Here is an unboxing video. I will have a pocket bike riding video later. Plz rate, comment, and subscribe. It is a GP MTX 47cc. The shipping took about a week and my order was messed up so it took a little longer. I purchased it for like 300 dollars

Instead of just buying one at the store, i chose to make one with more powerful motor and a torque converter. Bikes off the shelf do not ride fast because of the clutch that comes with it that's why there's lots of videos on YouTube where people tweak them to go faster. With torque converter in place, there is no need to remove the governor, its fast enough to take a 200lb person up to 50mph instead of the original 25mph. Thank you for watching and feel free to comment below. Here's another project (trail bike) you might like http://youtu.be/TW2PK6csXDo?list=UUJuIJ8mDuo8akjE0BPz-fyg