The beauty of Alfa Romeo, 1960s.

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Giulia GTA Corsa & GTA 1300 Junior
Giulia GTA Corsa & GTA 1300 Junior

Art of Racing ® Engine sound, end of the clip !!
Art of Racing ® Rebuild Alfa Romeo 2.0 engine

AlfaRomeo 2000GTV WEBER GTA Exhaust
AlfaRomeo 2000GTV camshaft 300°11mm piston 10.4:1 carburetor WEBER40DCOE O/V 34mm E/T F11 Exhaust GTA Exhaust 148.4ps/6300rpm 18.9kg enjoy good sounds!

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce 1750
Begins beneath the hood where pulled out the original 1600cc engine and replaced it with a European-spec 1750cc twin cam with some modest power upgrades. Among the hot-rodded bits on the engine are a pair of 40mm Weber 40DCOE side draft carburetors and more aggressive 11mm camshafts for a little more high-RPM fun. And that classic double overhead cam growl can be heard through a custom stainless steel Exhaust system that finishes with a subtle and functional single tailpipe. When it came to fitting wheels, the choice was easy – Alfaholics factory-appearing alloys measuring 15×7-inch at each corner and finished in traditional silver. The wheels are wrapped in grippy 205/50R15 Maxxis RC1 tires, chosen for both their stickiness and their period-correct look inside the Giulia’s wheel wells. The Alfa’s outward appearance is almost entirely original, with the exception of removed bumpers for the quintessential race car look. The gray body color also contrasts beautifully with the light brown upholstery and woodgrain trim inside the original cockpit. Sure, you could change the seats, add a roll-cage or do other modifications, but why mess with something that looks this great to start?