INSANE 1200HP BIG BLOCK SINGER SLINGER at MUDFEST! The Singer Slingers Team always manage to put on a show, wherever they go, and Louisiana Mudfest was no different. One of their many rigs was the Slinger, a supercharged big block with a whole lotta slinging potential. Special thanks to Shawn and his crew for allowing us the privilege to video their killer lineup of slingers! Stop by and visit them on Facebook to keep up with the progress on their SICK builds! Louisiana Mudfest near Colfax, Louisiana - April 19-22, 2012. The SINGER SLINGER: MOTOR- 540ci, built by Craigs Automotive of Eunice, La. 1071 Kobelco superman blower, upright Enderlie injector, custom snorkel system by ss540, running on corn mash, JW Performance converter and tranny, Profab 21" gearbox, driveshaft by Driveshaft Specialist of TX, 14.9-28 Titan SPC R2 tires, and last but not least one size 11 Georgia boot. Be sure to check us out on Facebook at Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors for all the latest updates!

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Watch these Mega Mud Trucks Gets Massive Air off the Hill N Hole Jump at Twitty's Mud Bog during the 2014 4x4 cross Throttle King Finale. This is the original Mega Trucks Gone Wild video. Check out Mega Trucks Gone Wild 2 - DVDs & APPAREL - Follow us on Facebook - INSTAGRAM

Follow us on Facebook at The Singers Slinger mud truck is one of the nastiest built mud trucks I have ever seen. It has a 540 Cubic Inch Big Block with a 1071 Kobelco superman blower.The truck has an insane amount of horsepower and it pretty much just walks on top of the water. Video does this truck no justice at all, you really just have to see it in person to really appreciate it.

Dodge Durango Digs For Days in Slough Challenge.. Brick's
The Dodge mega truck that don't give up in slough challenge at brick's off road park.. Videoing Some of the baddest to the bone Diesel Monster Trucks in Mud Digging Deep or Cruising the Mud Bog from Parks around the Nation. #Monstertrucksinmud #muddboggininflorida Find us on the Gram:...... Find us on Facebook.......

These guys came all the from West GA to check out the bottomless holes and black peat mud at Perkins Mud Bog June 2016. Wow what a show! It was very cool to see these trucks at Perkins and I hope you enjoy this video. Watch these two Mega Trucks Tug of War against each other- Leave a comment, like and share! Thanks for watching, follow on other social networks Facebook- Instagram- Vine- Pinterest- YouTube- #mudstamp #mudstampfilms Watch Perkins Extended Mud Bog- Watch Pit Boss Water wheelies- Watch Sneaky Pete take on the same mud pit- Must see Extended videos playlist-