Tough Truck 2009 Day2

Day 2 of the Luxton Tough Truck Challenge. Lots of carnage went down this day, and it ended with a 302 powered jeep burning to a crisp.

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Tough Trucks Competition Monroeville Derby 2012
Any type of truck or vehicle can be entered. Each vehicle goes one at a time to compete through the obstacle course for the best lap time. Some of these vehicles are modified mud bogging vehicles, others are straight out of the junkyard, while even a few people brought there car right off the road to enter. This is a video of demolition derby. Everything is under a safety controlled environment and nobody is in any harm or danger. This video follows ALL of the youtube guidelines and contains no misleading information, dangerous content, foul language, or injury to people. I own a videography business and film this as my profession. Any problems or issues can be taken up with our business at

This Video Show's "' SOME'' Of The MICKEY THOMPSON TOUGH TRUCKS @ THE BLOOMSBURG 4 WHEEL JAMBOREE NATIONALS , BLOOMSBURG, PA , FRIDAY EVENING, JULY 11, 2014 My apologies, to those participant's , who are not included in this Friday event, video.. Hopefully you will see your truck in 1 or 2 event's held on Saturday which, I will also be uploading to this channel. that's why I included the word "SOME" also Note: there is a lot of information on the data result sheet's at the end of video. SIMPLY HIT THE PAUSE ON THE VIDEO TO BE ABLE TO READ ALL INFORMATION . Recent update, since video was posted: Charles Wagner, had the Black Jeep / stock class/ with the best stock winning time of 33.97, against " Pocket Change" Bronco which is on this video. The best / modified class/ was Jesse Parson's "Rock Solid", with a 26. My apologies, this run is not on this video.

2006 Tough Truck Comp
Morning Side's Darcy Rimmer enters his freshly rebiult 1990 Ford Ranger, needs rebiulding again, oouch!!!

This is a video compilation I put together of the best of all of my videos so far. I'd like to thank all of my subscribers and everyone who supports the channel. Contest video will be uploaded later today! Stay Tuned!