My opinion of the nissan leaf!!!!!

End of the Nissan Leaf Test Drive.

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Nissan leaf test drive part 2 (COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
The sequel to the cutting edge Nissan Leaf Test Part 1. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nissan Leaf vs Citroen C-Zero vs Mitsubishi i-Miev review
iGIZMO magazine reviews three of the latest electric cars bringing a spark to the plug-in industry. See the Leaf, C-Zero and i-Miev face off in three tests.

07242011 Nissan Leaf Test Drive at West Farms Mall in Hartford Ct.

Nissan Leaf
We hear it everywhere these days, gasoline-powered cars and lifestyles can't go on forever, according to alternative energy experts. Garden Grove TV3 reporter Denise Chuah spoke to one Garden Grove man who is leaf-ing the gas pumps behind.