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My opinion of the nissan leaf!!!!!

End of the Nissan Leaf Test Drive.


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Range anxiety experienced by a novice EV driver
Lewis a novice EV (Leaf) driver who drove this leg experienced a little bit of range anxiety but once we figured out how to select the minimise motorways option on the Sat Nav he felt a lot more comfortable about making it to the hotel. He even deliberately tried to reduce the indicated range once we were within 5 miles of the hotel by accelerating hard in Drive mode. We arrived with 6 miles of predicted range remaining. I drove a 479 mile round trip in my Nissan Leaf over 3 days starting on Friday morning last weekend from Chorley Lancashire down to a Wedding in Newbury. I used 3 rapid charges and 4 slow charges. The trip cost a total of £2.80 for my initial charge at home.

Nissan Leaf 120 volt Charging Cable Part 2
Please visit my blog at http://myfirstleaf.com A brief video demonstrating the 2011 Nissan Leaf 120 volt Charging Cable Part 2. Please visit my blog at http://myfirstleaf.com

2011 Nissan LEAF Power Up, Exterior/ Interior Review
**The unit seen here is only a demonstration unit that will not be sold for at least 6 months, so if you wish to take it for a test drive, please contact Texas Nissan of Grapevine at www.mytexasnissan.com or visit their location on Hwy 114 in Grapevine.

Driving home after work in the New Nissan Leaf. 100% Battery NO GAS!!

Starting My Nissan Leaf
Showing the dashboard of the Nissan Leaf, shifting, navigation, range.

2011 Nissan Leaf SL Purchase
Check out my blog at http://MyFirstLeaf.com. Video about getting my new 2011 Nissan Leaf SL Electric Car.

My Honey after driving the Nissan Leaf
What my Honey thinks of the Nissan Leaf

2012 Nissan Leaf Test Drive & Car Review! 100% Electric Powered Vehicle
Take a trip into the future with me and my friend Bob as we test drive Nissan's 100% Electronically Powered Vehicle -- the 2012 Leaf. Just another honest auto review from an average guy...

How many miles can I go in my Nissan Leaf on one charge?
How many miles can I go in my Nissan Leaf on one charge? The biggest problem facing Leaf owners is the range anxiety created by the constantly changing reading on the driving range display on the instrument panel. The idea of the range display is to give you an idea of how many miles you have left on your vehicle. The problem being that so many things that you do while driving whether it be your speed, how quickly you accelerate, or what route you chose all have a big impact on your range. In a gasoline vehicle poor driving habits or "city mpg verses highway mpg" can mean the difference between getting 34 miles per gallon (hwy) or 26 miles per gallon(city) that is 340 miles verses 290 miles a difference of 50 miles or 15%. In an electric car it can be as big a difference of getting 100 miles range per charge or 50 a 50% loss in range ( all dependant on how much regeneration you use ). Many of the first electric car pioneers that decided they weren't going to wait for someone else to do it and make their own electric cars didn't have regeneration in their cars and therefore found it very easy to calculate range based on the battery gauge or meter ( much like you use the fuel gauge on a car to figure at a glance about how much range you have left). I recommend you do and not put that much faith or pay that much attention to what the driving range display says on your leaf and calculate your range based on the closest thing you have to a "constant" and that is the battery available charge gauge. Also if you calculate your range based on what you believe to be the worst range possible, or to put it simply "no regeneration" your nerves will be more likely to be intact at the end of the day , and when people use the term range anxiety you can say "huh?". Nissan dealers factor regeneration into the 100 mile range they quote and use terms like "under ideal conditions" you can expect a range of up to 100 miles. Bills rule of thumb says a 100 mile range car is a 50 mile range car, and a 40 mile range car is actually a 20 mile range car until proven otherwise. If you do 90% of your driving on the freeway, drive at high speeds, run your air conditioner constantly 50 miles range is not unreasonable, in fact it may be a bit optimistic and closer to 40 like some people in Arizona have reported getting. People who don't drive on freeways at all, do a lot of stopping and going, and rarely use their air conditioners, and accelerate gradually get far better range . Also if you drive the same route everyday figuring your range is much easier. Figuring how much range you get per charge is simple mathematics based on how many miles you drive. At 80% charge there is 10 out of 12 bars showing on your car when you leave. you drive a route of 22 miles total and now you have 6 bars showing. You have used 4 bars. 22 divided by 4 is 5.5 miles per bar. 10 times 5.5 is 55 the amount of range you are getting based on that trip you took is roughly 55 miles per charge. If you drive the same route under the same conditions every day you are averaging 55 miles per charge daily. Here is a test you can do to determine the worst mileage you can get with your car and dividing that into the amount of bars showing to make it easyier to figure out if you have enough miles to make it to where you want to go. The reason being to give peace of mind to people . In normal drive mode ( not eco mode ) You will be taking a test drive of 20 to 30 miles round trip and the idea is to use the most amount of power you can ( little to no regeneration, high speed, all lights on, radio on, interior light on and air conditioner blasting away at full power) and try and make a route with as much freeway driving as possible . Drive 10 to 15 miles out and back ( 20 to 30 miles total ). Just like before divide the miles into the amount of miles driven to get the average miles per charge. For example if you go 20 miles and use up 4 bars you divide 20 by 4 to get 5 x 10 would be 50 miles roughly per charge , Or you go 30 miles and use 7 bars ( 30 divided by 7 is about 4.2 x 10 is about 42 miles per charge at 80% charge or x12 for 100% charge which is 50 ).

A Week with a Leaf
The first time we told you about the Nissan Leaf it was after an afternoon of driving with other writers. Since then we actually had a chance to drive one in every day conditions. What we learned surprised even us!!

2011 Nissan Leaf Review
Here's a quick review i did at the Drive Nissan Event in South Florida. The Leaf is awesome! 100% electric and under $32,000.00. I was surprised to see the size of the car; about the size of a Toyota Matrix. Hope you enjoy the video. I shot this video jusing my Canon 5D mark 2 and my Kodak Zi6. I did all my audio with a pair of Audio-Technica Pro 88w/t

Nissan LEAF on the Track!
The Nissan LEAF may be a completely electric vehicle, but how does it handle on the track? Motion Commotion and the team decided to find out! Motion Commotion is Sponsored by CarMD.com Corp.

500 Miles in a Day in a Nissan Leaf
We set out to drive 500 miles in a day from the Waitrose eco-store in Bracknell in a Nissan Leaf following the Ecotricity Electric Highway at Welcome Break motorway service stations. This is our story.

328 километров на электромобиле - Nissan Leaf
Преодолели 800 километров за три дня - ездили в гости к друзьям. Не потратили ни капли бензина, и почти ни копейки денег - тк пользовались бесплатными (пока еще) общественными зарядками. Ниссан Лиф - лучший электромобиль за эти деньги.

Nissan leaf test drive part 2 (COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
The sequel to the cutting edge Nissan Leaf Test Part 1. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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