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How is this Ninja 900R-powered custom trike even legal?!
What's up you guys?! So Adam's custom AMT3 Trike powered by a Kawasaki Ninja 900r motor has got to be the most insane vehicle I've ever driven on the street. It feels like it should be completely illegal, it's mind-bending fast, and it drives beautifully. The motorcycle engine revs to a staggering 12,000 RPM which, in a car, screams like an F1 car, I can assure you that. Adam built this custom tube frame, 3-wheeled vehicle at his machine shop in Vancouver, BC and has made it legal to drive on public roads. Enjoy! πŸ”° Carbon Fiber and Jet Tags!!πŸ”° Checkout Adam's Machine Shop! πŸ”° MUSICπŸ”° Follow our friend Mark for more sick beats ;) MARCUS' VLOGS FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM PODCAST on iTunes Checkout the NEW Passport IX radar detector we use! πŸ”° Cameras and Products We Use Everyday πŸ”° Canon 6D: Sigma 20mm Lens: Camera Slider: Shotgun Mic: Forza Horizon 3: Boost Controller: Best Glass Cleaner:

Craziest Street-Legal Trike in the World! 2016 [Mind-blowing]
This is mind-blowing and head-turning motorcycle trike hot rod may be the best you'll ever see. Custom built with 2200 HP, custom built suspension system, Watch out!

10000W Electric Recumbent Trike ripping the Streets
E.R.T. Death Trike art-with-pedals/ Electric KMX Recumbent Trike 72V Lipo Sabvoton 72150A Controller Sinewave Regen Braking MXUS 3000W V3 turbo 3T 16" Rear Pirelli Tire 50mph top speed 50 mile range

Extreme Downhill Drift Trike, Street Luge & Inline Skating!
This high speed downhill line on drift trike, street luge and inline skating is AWESOME! Filmed on GoPro POV! Thanks to Pedro Priego, Agro Drift Trike, Noel Jarillo & Inline Downhill Spain for the clip! Which would you ride, the drift trike, street luge or skates?! MUSIC Title: Priority One & TwoThirds - Hunted (feat. Jonny Rose) iTunes Download Link: 80 Listen on Spotify: Video Link: Thanks for watching People are Awesome. Watch Next: Skiing Without Snow: Slackline Tricks & Backflips: Drift trikes are tricycles that have slick rear wheels designed to drift, the sport originated in New Zealand and now popular around the world. Street luge, also known as land luge or road luge was born in Southern California as downhill skateboarders found they could reach faster speeds by lying down on their skateboards. Subscribe: Submit a Video: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit: VK: For business and licensing enquiries: