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Trike Drifting
Download the song off iTunes! Make sure to check out the making of this video in the link below!! And don't forget to subscribe this this channel as well for all the behind the scenes! Lindsey Stirling also helped me shoot this video! She filmed with the other camera. Check out her rocking channel in this link below, I shoot all of her videos :) And I'm on facebook now!! :) And don't forget to add my Twitter! :) The Glidecam I spoke about in the video, that I use for all of my videos, you can check them out in this link. I use the Glidecam HD 2000. Let me know if you have any other questions

SPMZ Drift Trikes, Extreme Drifting Machine,
200cc Full Size Street Drifting Trike, Extreme Drifting Machine, Reinforced Rear Wheels, Super Powerful 200cc Motor, Sick Drifting Capabilities!! Visit for more information.

Electric RT Death Trike Bike 10KW - Extreme Off Road and Street Ripping
Subscribe: Electric Race Technologies: Build Article art-with-pedals/ Specs: KMX Typhoon Modified Swingarm MXUS 3000W Rear Hub Motor 3T 74V 16AH Lipo Sabvoton Controller 72V 150A Sinewave Pirelli Rear Tire 16" IRC NR77 Front Tires "14 All moto Dual Front Disc Brakes Front Rear Regen Only Would you get a look at this awesome electric trike bike! In this video, you will get to see some off road electric trike footage on the electric rt death trike 10Kw. Doesn't this off road electric trike footage look like some extreme off road biking footage? As you can see from the video, the electric rt death trike 10Kw can handle a lot of bumps and fast movements. The overall great build of the electric rt death trike 10Kw allows it to survive some conditions that would be faced during extreme off road biking! These are some of the reasons we really like this electric trike bike! What did you think of this off road electric trike footage? What do you think of this awesome electric trike bike? Let us know! Thanks for watching today's video! If you enjoyed, remember to leave a like rating and a comment down below, and also subscribe to the channel for more electric trike bike videos and more! Subscribe: Electric Race Technologies:

ZTR trike 250ccm
See our review on this trike: ZTR trike roadster Buggy Sport