Custom B5 S4 Exhaust

Mods: AWE stage 3 + vast mbc @ 21lbs Thor fmic Thor 3" downpipes no cats Thor 3.5" single catback w/ borla muffler Thor Oil cooler Thor catch can system 4:1 center diff clutchmasters fx400 fidanza lwfw jhm short throw, shifter bushings, and weighted knob 034 snub, motor, tranny mounts

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034Motorsport B5 Audi S4 3.5" Single Muffler Exhaust & Tial 605 Turbochargers
Customer footage of our 034Motorsport B5 Audi S4 3.5" Single Muffler Exhaust System on a Tial 605 car. For more information on the Exhaust, click here:

Audi B5 S4 - 2.5" SSAC Full Exhaust
Quick clip showing what a stage 2 B5 S4 sounds like with a cat-less SSAC twin muffler setup from the turbo's back.

Audi B5 S4 Exhaust System by NL Tuning | This is a sound clip from a 2001 Audi S4 2.7T. This vehicle has an NL Tuning Cat-back Exhaust System, coupled with APR downpipes. Our Exhaust systems are made from T-304 Stainless Steel which offer the highest build quality. Our systems are developed to produce the highest possible performance gains, as well as a tonal, smooth sound. It is very important to hear an accurate representation of this Exhaust system, to follow the suggestions below. If you would like to see more, please visit our website. ** In listening to this sound clip, please be sure to do the following for accurate sound reproduction... The best way to listen to this audio clip, is ideally with headphones (or even "ear buds"). The low frequencies of this Exhaust system audio clip, may distort or even damage some audio speakers, or computer desktop speakers. If using these types of desktop, computer, or other audio speakers, please be sure to have an appropriate volume level. We recommend low-to-moderate volume levels, otherwise you may mistake speaker distortion, for an inaccurate representation of the Exhaust sound. Again, headphones or "ear buds" would be our recommendation, as we just want to provide everyone with the true representation of how nice these Exhaust systems sound. ***This video of this Exhaust clip was recorded using professional equipment to ensure an accurate representation of actually hearing this in person. The video was recorded with a Canon 7D. The audio was recorded with a Zoom H4N digital audio recorder. Audio was encoded at 256k to ensure optimal listening. Please watch and listen this video in HD to hear the highest quality sound.

Making my Audi S4 too loud :/ AWE Track Exhaust install
100% my fault for choosing this setup. I still stand behind AWE as a company and will continue to support their products, they make some of the highest quality stuff on the market. I'll likely be purchasing a touring setup from them. Add me on Snapchat! Username: eruben123 Follow IgnitionTube on Instagram and Twitter! @IgnitionTubeYT IgnitionTube on FB Get a discount on Throtl VIP/Listings (or sign up for a free account and help us make better videos!): You can subscribe to IgnitionTube for videos on my Audi S4, my old VW GTI, Pawinn’s turbo E36, a variety of my friends cars, and much more including event coverage, vlogs, and any other fun things I decide to film. Outro song: Call Me Home - StarboyRMX _________ My 2013 Audi S4 Premium Plus Ice Silver Metallic Alcantara Seat Inserts Bang & Olufsen sound system Mods coming soon….