chevrolet monza racing in tehran

Mohammad Ali Marandian racing with his chevrolet monza against Javad Mousavi (silver BMW M3) in azadi

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Chevy Monza race cars at Limerock Park
2 Chevy Monza race cars idling at Limerock after a few hot laps. Brought to you by

Chevy Monza Drag Race
1/8 Mile May 2 2015

کل کلـه کامارو SS ها در پیست یادگار امام تبریز

chevy monza racer and 1968 - 1969 390 amc amx race car
the red monza is vicious . damb that car is too bad. the amx at the tail end of the clip is sweet as can be. sorry video is choppy . dont have a video editor that can handle mpg4. so i didnt chop out the extra footage .