Nissan GTR Sport Exhaust Start Up and Drive

I saw this bright matte white Nissan GTR in front of the Martinez Hotel, in Cannes. It looks very nice here, under the sun. And the sound was surprisingly good ! Enjoy!

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Porsche Turbo S 918 Spyder Edition : Start Up, Drive
I saw this beautiful Porsche turbo Cabriolet, 918 Spyder Edition in front of the hotel Martinez, in Cannes. Black on black, with touches of yellow, carbon mirrors, beautiful ! To have a car like that, the owner have ordered the next supercar of Porsche : the 918 Spyder. This is the car they sold him to wait ! Enjoy !

Cannes' Insane Summer Supercars & Hypercars Parkings!
Summer season is arriving and I could resist making this video of the insane supercar lineups that happen every year in front of the palace hotels in Cannes. It's just insane! The Rosso Dino LaFerrari was parked there for at least a month! On the street !! Enjoy

Bugatti Madness in Cannes & Monaco : Mansory, Super Sport, Vitesse...
Here's a little montage of a few Bugatti's I saw in Cannes and Monaco. Which one is your favourite? The Bugatti Veyron is more than 10 years old but still the king of supercars and hypercars to me ! Enjoy!

Ferrari Enzo | The Billionaire Toy
I was walking in the Port Canto in Cannes, then I saw that stunning, very low Ferrari Enzo, fitted with amazing black wheels ! The boat next to it isn't bad either ! Yachts and supercars belong well together ! Enjoy !