Nissan GTR Sport Exhaust Start Up and Drive

I saw this bright matte white Nissan GTR in front of the Martinez Hotel, in Cannes. It looks very nice here, under the sun. And the sound was surprisingly good ! Enjoy!

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Porsche Turbo S 918 Spyder Edition : Start Up, Drive
I saw this beautiful Porsche turbo Cabriolet, 918 Spyder Edition in front of the hotel Martinez, in Cannes. Black on black, with touches of yellow, carbon mirrors, beautiful ! To have a car like that, the owner have ordered the next supercar of Porsche : the 918 Spyder. This is the car they sold him to wait ! Enjoy !

1360HP Koenigsegg One:1 SOUND in Monaco & Full Throttle on Track!
I have spotted the incredibly rare and powerful Koenigsegg One:1 in Monaco! One:1 stands for : 1HP for 1kg. The car makes 1360hp from its twin turbo V8 and only weighs 1360kg. That's just insane. I was lucky enough to randomely see it and film in in Monaco! Sounds good! Also some clips of another One:1 I have filmed on track, followed by an Agera. What a stunning machine! Enjoy!

Ferrari 488 GTB Accelerations SOUND!
Here's the brand new twin-turboed Ferrari 488 GTB! It replaces the 458 Italia and sounds.... Quieter, not to be vulgar. There's a nice turbo sound, but after an F12 or any N/A other car, the car sounds like it has lost its voice. Too bad. Enjoy!

Porsche Targa 4S LOUD Ride in Monaco!
Here's the Porsche Targa 4S in action in Monaco, thanks to my friend Marchettino I was able to have a ride in the car, so I did film it. And in the tunnels, the sound is really loud! Almost made my ears bleed :D Enjoy!