Honda Ruckus Straight Pipe part1

J'ai pris ma vielle pipe pis je l'ai coupée..

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Honda Ruckus Straight Pipe part2
J'ai pris ma vielle pipe pis je l'ai coupée pour voir!


Ruckus straight pipe

Official 2013 Nurotag Orlando Ruckus & Car show sponsored by Dorbyworks, Signsavers, & Satostudios
Nurotag Orlando was held at Brighthouse Arena at UCF Sponsored by Dorbyworks, Satostudios, Vossen, & Signsavers. Follow us on Instagram @satostudios, @nurotag, @dorbyworks1, @vossen websites Ruckus and scooter owners also got a chance to enter their two wheeled custom scooters within the show. This special section and event of the show is for the ones that want to to just attend the show to socialize, chit chat or to actually participate in the new ruckus / scooter competition. Award categories have been selected and a separate section of the show has been assigned only for ruckus / scooter owners. The NRTG ruckus/scooter show is presented and sponsored by Dorbyworks. An after show cruise has also been set up by NRTG Series affiliate Simply Clean The event competition for the top 25 cars of the NRTG Spring Show in Orlando Florida was held, judged and lead through social media's instagram. Votes consisted of official "Likes" on the car entries photo and the contest ran for an entire week. The top 25 cars selected by the people / followers of the show show will be invited back to participate along with the other 75 cars from the other cities in the NRTG Series' final show appropriately named NRTG All Stars" in Miami, Fl on November 2013. NRTG All Stars will consist of the top 100 cars selected from the previous shows and all will compete for the honor, recognition and a value of $10,000 in cash and prizes awarded to the top cars in show.