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Honda Ruckus Straight Pipe part1

J'ai pris ma vielle pipe pis je l'ai coupée..


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Honda Ruckus Straight Pipe part2
J'ai pris ma vielle pipe pis je l'ai coupée pour voir!

South Dakota Scooter Dude Cruise - Honda Ruckus
Scooters + Shenanigans = this

Teal GY6 Honda Ruckus
RoyalZProduction's personal Ruckus! Decided I'd throw a video together for it. I have a completely different scheme in mind for this Ruckus which will be done for next season. You can follow my Ruckus build by following my personal Instagram; @A_maragos77 and dont forget to toss RoyalZProduction's Instagram a 'Follow' @RoyalZProduction. Be sure to smash that like button on my Facebook page as well, www.Facebook.com/RoyalZProduction. Be sure to watch in HD/1080p. Enjoy!!

WORLDS FASTEST SCOOTER! Honda Ruckus Gy06 Scooter engine swap! Grom
WORLDS FASTEST SCOOTER! This ruckus was built by http://www.racefab.com/ Its a Honda Ruckus with a suzuki gsxr 600cc engine! It is really fast probably the worlds fastest scooter! Lets see what they will do to a Honda Grom! I would like to see a chinese knockoff of this! The guys at racefab know what they are doing! Honda Ruckus Gy06 Scooter engine swap! turbo scooter, Nitrous scooter, scooterdepot, chinese scooter

Epic Ruckus Burnouts
Check out PlanetRuckus.com

DORBYWORKS custom Honda Ruckus Minty version 2
DORBYWORKS custom Honda Ruckus Minty version 2 MINTY VERSION 2! With Luis Bonetti riding through Miami's Wynwood ART District. The feature video is filmed by Michael Sato of www.satostudio.com , a very talented video producer and Ruckus rider. What better way to showcase the newest DORBYWORKS " MINTY " version 2, then to ride this piece of art through Wynwood. The Wynwood area is a internationally recognized area that brings artist in from all over the world to express art in all forms. The vision of Tony Goldman is to thanks for turning the old run down warehouse district into a location overwhelming international art. Re-build? Version 2? The reason for this re-build of Minty for Luis Bonetti is due to a almost fatal accident where Luis was rear ended on his Ruckus and launched into the air through a intersection by a fellow co-worker, while driving /txting/ instagraming. So watch out everyone! PUT THE PHONE DOWN AND BE SAFE. Luckily the accident did not cause any serious injuries to Luis. However MINTY now needed to be rebuilt due to the damages. The ruckus was brought back to Dorbyworks where Luis and Ying brainstormed on how to bring MINTY version back out faster and nicer. A new bored out 170cc engine was built with larger ported head, cylinder, racing camshaft, full transmission, and fuel upgrades. The bike has potential to reach 80mph on this MINTY beast. The suspension was redesigned to accommodate a new 13x8" MESH LOVE ORIGINAL billet forged custom wheel to sit as stanced as Luis's air ride fitted fareinheit edition GTI. The GY6 Bigbore engine was stretched back 14" while maintaining 4" of ground clearance to steer clear of the floor. Accents on the bike were also hydro-dipped and painted in a wood grain to give the bike a classy unique look. The cree LED headlight, brackets, suspension, engine covers, and even the side mirrors were refinished with no expense sparred or corners cut. Finally a new Exhaust needed to be fitted to flow with the newly stanced bike. After trying 3 different custom Exhaust, a new one was decided on. Inspired by MUGEN76 from chicago and steadygarage in CA. A triple loop stainless cork screw Exhaust header was fabricated piece by piece tig welded to mate with a Akrapovic muffler that purrs and rumbles like a tiger at idle. Catch a glimpse of Minty in Miami sometime! Hope you enjoyed the Article and Feature video! Make sure to check out INSTAGRAM/DORBYWORKS1 INSTAGRAM/SATOSTUDIOS INSTAGRAM/TCB_NETTI28 www.dorbyworks.com www.satostudio.com

2013 Stock 50CC Honda Ruckus Top Speed (with 215 Lb rider)
title says it all! i show you it all, i am 215.2 Lbs with everythnig including shoes on. Top speed depending on the road varies from 35-45 MPH and i show you with Slight uphill top speed -37 Medium uphill top speed -36 Steep Uphill top speed - 35 Flat top speed -40 Slight downhill top speed -42 Steep downhill top speed -45 Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/DydxjnovshoeOfYoutube Instagram- DYDxJnovshoe Xbox gamer tag - DYDxJnovshoe Twitter - @DYDxJnovshoe Snapchat - DYDxJnovshoe Check out the Girl in my side by side on instagram at - v0lkswagen or check out her twitter at volkSWAGen! and thanks for letting me use this picture and being a good sport Brittany! Video taken in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Yoshimura TRC on 2009 Honda Ruckus 50cc scooter - Aftermarket exhaust road test
My yoshi pipe on the ruckus. It sounds pretty great. I have since sold this Exhaust and returned it to stock

STCC SAAB 9-3 S2000 Onboardcam
This is a video from the first testing of the SAAB 9-3 sportsedan that is meant to be run in the Swedish Touringcar Championship(STCC). It was captured during a test session in the 17th of june at Karlskoga motorstadion. The car was first shown at Mantorp park during the 2008 final. Visit: www.saabperformance.se

Honda Ruckus w/ Yoshimura trc
08 Honda Ruckus

Strada RX150 GY6 No Exahust (straight pipe)
I took the CAT off my gy6 scooter to see how it sound and now it sound like a hog with pipes.

Cushman Scooter Gang
A group of scooter nuts have customized their old Cushman scooters to resemble Harleys - complete with 650cc V twins, straight pipes and the "sound". Here, they are leaving a dairy bar for a ride.

2006 Honda Ruckus with Yoshimura Carbon Pipe
Wanted to update my video. This is with a big bore engine, PC20 carb kit, and a ported and polished head. Sorry I couldn't really get on it, only have a side stand...

One Obnoxiously LOUD Ruckus
My new Ruckus with a straight pipe

Tokyo Parts' "air ride" - Honda Ruckus / Zoomer
The coolest Honda Zoomer on the planet!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1964 Renault Dauphine Sedan: 9.910 @ 119.000
Arturo Avila, Engine: J7T 2.2 L, Turbos: TO4 Garret Tires: 26 X 8.5 Slicks

2005 Scion tC Turbo: 11.175 @ 128.930
Brian, Engine: 2AZ-FE, Turbos: Precision 6266 Tires: 24.5x8.5x15 M&H slicks

2006 Scion tC Turbo: 11.388 @ 126.530
Brett Runion, Engine: 2az-fe (golden eagle sleeved), Turbos: Precision Billet 6262s .82 A/R Tires: M&H Slicks

2009 Chevrolet Colorado Sport: 11.759 @ 115.070
Patrick Perreault, Engine: LSX454 (crate gm), Tires: M/T 28x9.0-15

2008 Chevrolet Colorado LT Turbo: 11.883 @ 115.630
Mike benedict, Engine: 3.7, Turbos: 61mm

2009 Chevrolet Colorado Sport: 11.920 @ 113.420
Patrick Perreault, Engine: LSX454, Tires: M/T 26 x 8.0

2006 Chevrolet Colorado XTREME REG CAB: 11.940 @ 115.470
Richard, Engine: 6,0 LS2, Tires: 255-45-18 / 305-35-18

2006 Scion tC Turbo: 11.949 @ 134.360
PTUNING, Engine: PTUNING Spec-SS: 2.4L 2AZ-FE, Turbos: PTUNING Twin-Wastegate RS Turbo Manifold and Garrett/Tial V-Band GT35R Tires: 275/35R18 BFG DR

1961 Renault Dauphine : 12.160 @ 108.600
lee maynard, Engine: 1968cc flatfour vw, Tires: m&h rear michelins front

2006 Scion tC : 12.320 @ 120.400
damian, Engine: 2.4L, Turbos: p- tuning kit t3/t4 Tires: M/T 22inch, 24.5 coming soon

2009 Chevrolet Colorado : 12.340 @ 113.120
Patrick Perreault, Engine: L92 6.2L,

2010 Chevrolet Colorado LT Crew Cab: 12.420 @ 112.490
, Engine: 5.3L V8, Supercharger: Magnuson TVS 1900 Tires: Goodyear RS-A 235/50/R18 (Stock)

2006 Scion tC TURBO: 12.453 @ 111.330
Michael Adkins, Engine: Stock 2.4 2azfe, Turbos: Garret 60-1 Tires: MT Slicks

2005 Scion tC 2 Door Coupe: 12.592 @ 111.120
JAYSON, Engine: 2AZF-TE, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: GARRETT GT35R BALLBEARING Tires: Nitto

2009 Chevrolet Colorado : 12.750 @ 110.000
Patrick Perreault, Engine: 6.2 L92 STOCK, Tires: M/T 26 x 8.5 / 15

2005 Scion tC : 12.760 @ 120.050
AJ Hemsey, Engine: 2.4L 2AZ-FE, Turbos: Precision SC6169 Tires: Proxes 4 225 35 19

2005 Scion tC 2 door coupe: 12.795 @ 106.590
Mike Clement, Engine: 2AZF-TE, Supercharger: that'll make me slow Turbos: evo3 Big 16g Tires: BF Goodrich

1996 Daewoo Cielo : 12.900 @ 109.350
andu, Engine: 2 X C20XE,

2005 Scion tC Turbo: 13.415 @ 108.710
Joe Currao, Engine: 2.4L 2AZ-FE, Supercharger: NA Turbos: Turbonetics Tires: BF Goodrich

2008 Scion tC Turbo: 13.569 @ 104.580
Dustin Mckenna, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: t3 t4 Tires: M/T Slicks


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