Honda Ruckus Straight Pipe part1

J'ai pris ma vielle pipe pis je l'ai coupée..

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Honda Ruckus Straight Pipe part2
J'ai pris ma vielle pipe pis je l'ai coupée pour voir!

GY6 Ruckus straight pipe burnout
First start up after a CDI problem on my gy6 swap


my 2012 honda ruckus (most recent upgrades 5/7/2014)
most recent upgrades of my ruckus have built and installed everything myself , let me know what you think. 1.password jdm stem with short handlebar 2.shortened front blinkers 3.speedo relocated to the battery box 4.home made drag brace 5.lowerd seat and welded to stock frame 6. uni filter intake upgrade 7. straight pipe 8.homemade 8in stretch 9.kymco hub with 10x8 DWT fatty wheel w/ 140/90/10 kenda tire 10. relocated brake light under seat , L.E.D. strip blikers . future upgrades powdercoat frame , with hyper yellow paint job ncy unlimited cdi , poloni variator w/ kevlar belt ncy lowerd front set up with disck brake conversion and new front rim.