Honda Ruckus Straight Pipe part1

J'ai pris ma vielle pipe pis je l'ai coupée..

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Honda Ruckus Straight Pipe part2
J'ai pris ma vielle pipe pis je l'ai coupée pour voir!

Honda Ruckus vs Maddog gy6 Ruckus replica 49cc race
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Straight Pipe
To address the most frequent comments: - I only ran the bike like this for one day (specifically for the three videos on my channel). So, quit crying about burnt valves. - It is a 2006 GSX-R 600 - The fairings are removed because I was in the middle of doing some repair work when my buddy showed up and wanted to film it straight piped. - The bike was totaled in 2008 when a car in front of me hit his brakes, I swerved around him to avoid a collision, hit the median and flipped into oncoming traffic. - No, I never took it off any sweet jumps.

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