Chevy V8 powered Porsche 914 & 930 Trans

Video of my Chevy V8 powered Porsche 914 with specially modified 930 transmission. 400 hp in a 2400 lb car.

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Porsche 914/350 chevy V8 Install video
Loosely detailed look @ what it takes to install various parts and processes to put a chevy 350 into a porsche 914 (4 cyl)!

Porsche Mid-engine, LS6, G-50 5 speed
1973 Porsche 914, Mid-engine, LS6, G-50 5 speed and Porsche 911 / 996 Suspension.Featuring 911 steering rack and using a electric power steering pump. Likely to be under 2400 lbs. Work in progress !

How To 914: Frame Stiffener Installation Restoring a Porsche 914? In this video, we go into detail on the install procedure for the frame stiffener (our part P346L and R) onto our lime green 914! Prepping, fitting and welding, oh yes!

Porsche 911 Turbo (1500 HP) — accident
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