datsun 1200 13bt rotary wagon firetyres burnout driveway styles 6rotor drift dmnz

help this car drift ,skid dontations needed put your name on the side, contact ( and sponser a phat oldskool drifter

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Datsun 1200 wagon burnout levin watch in HD 1080

nissan datsun turbo rotary Bee R limiter skid
phat datto at wanganui skids. next skid he popped the diff or something. watch next video

Scania R999 burn out - Rotorua, NZ
Swedish truck customising legend, Sven Erik Bergendahl on tour in New Zealand with his 1,000 hp convertible Scania R999 'Red Pearl' custom built truck. The truck is shown here at Scania's NZ distributor, CablePrice's, Rotorua branch as part of a nationwide road show in March 2009. Sven Erik, or 'Svempa' as his is better known, patches up the 4.5 tonne beast (which is capable of doing 0-100 in 5.5 seconds) to the delight of CablePrice staff and customers onlooking.

datsun 1200 13bt wagon ripping up the driveway for sumthing to do!!
driveway skids nothing much else ta do so destroyn sum tyres drinkn