Audi B7 RS4 Accelerations

BrianZuk records a group of FIVE different colored RS4s accelerating, leaving an event. Imola Yellow, Ibis White, Sprint Blue, Daytona Grey, and Phantom Black. BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

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JHM Audi B6-B7 S4 Tiptronic Stage 1 Supercharger Kit and B7-S4 TCU Tuning
We often hear people talking about how their Tiptronic S4 won't be able to handle the power of the JHM B6-B7 S4 Supercharger kit. They believe that the 6HP19 transmission is just too weak. We have been supercharging Tiptronic B6-B7 S4s since 2011 and have not seen ANY transmission failures due to the power output of our Supercharger Kit. In this video we show off a Tiptronic B6 and B7 S4 with the JHM Supercharger Kit with full supporting hardware that have been supercharged since 2011. Additionally, the B7-S4 shown in the video showcases our Transmission Control Unit (TCU) Tuning! JHM Manual/Automati B6-B7 S4 Stage 1 Supercharger Kit Manual/Automatic: JHM Intake Manifold Upgrade: c5-allroad-42l-40v-p-638.html JHM Mid-Length Headers V2: -steel-for-b6-b7-s4-p-379.html JHM-FI Cat Back Exhaust: Exhaust+-+Cat-Back+-+JHM+by+FI&x=0&y=0 JHM Front and Rear Big Brake Kits: B7+big+brake+kit&x=0&y=0 JHM B7 S4 TCU Software: This is ONLY available for local installation. If you are interested please contact us! 209-968-0077

Lowered RS4, great sounding Audi RS4 in Ghent
Lowrider RS4 driving through Ghent. The sound is great and it looks fantastic! Follow me on:

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Audi RS4 Accelerate
Brian records a modded Blue Audi RS4 accelerating a few times. Also not a car I usually record but got some cool sound clips. Accompanied by a nice S4 and another RS4 as well :) BrianZuk's Facebook Here!